Saturday, March 24, 2007

Have you named your sewing machine?

I owned two sewing machines before purchasing my Janome 6600P and never thought to name those but decided the new machine needed a name. I ran across this article on the web and decided to name my machine Elizabeth after the wife of Elias Howe, who could have indeed been the actual inventor!
...I often heard (Elias Howe) say that he worked 14 years to get up that sewing
machine. But his wife made up her mind one day that they would starve to death
if there wasn't something or other invented pretty soon, and so in two hours she
invented the sewing machine. Of course he took out the patent in his name. Men
always do that.-Russell Conwell, 1877

As intriguing as this statement is, we will never know if the credit for the first sewing machine should actually go to Elizabeth Ames Howe. What we do know is that of the thousands of sewing machine patents granted in the past 150 years, hundreds of them have been for women's inventions.

Many inventors, both men and women, contributed to the sewing machine we know today. The first sewing machine was patented in 1790, and many key innovations were made over the next century.

So, There you have it. My sewing machine is named Elizabeth. I purchased her in February of 2006 and we've had a wonderful year together.

Have you named your sewing machine?

Thursday, March 29, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by JWNPWI (
I too have named my machine! I went shopping one night w / my cousin, aunt and Grandma, and found my first sewing machine. I bought it right on the spot, after the experts I had with me approved. After I got my machine home and spent some time getting to know it and understand it I decided on a name. I would like to introduce you to Ron! Yup I named my machine Ron. Ann odd name for a machine? Not to me, I named it in honor of a guy I work with. He is a master mechanic and does our industrial sewing. Who better to name it after. Was the real Ron thrilled I named my machine after him? Let's just say, nothing I do surprises him any more. I can't imagine not having named my machine.

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