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What do you like to watch or listen to while sewing?

For the past year I've been utilizing my DVR to its fullest extent. It allows me to search the TV Guide for sewing and quilting shows and then record the entire series as it comes up. I can chose if I want repeats or new episodes only and since I haven't seen many of the shows out there, I just let it record whatever comes up. So far I've been DVR-ing Quilt in a Day with Eleanor Burns, Sewing with Nancy, America Sews with Sue Hausman, Fons & Porter, Simply Quilts and Kaye Woods. I've found that even if one episode of each of those shows tape every day (which isn't often that this happens). I can usually speed through them all in a total of 30 minutes. It's very rare that I actually watch a full episode. But if I'm sewing and want something mindless on in the background but sewing related I'll just press play and let them run.

Each show has its quirks. While Eleanor Burns' voice might drive me insane, I'd still LOVE to take a class with her or meet her. I own so many of her books, it's not even funny. Her website recently added Message Boards to it that are really nice. Sue Hausman is a little too excitable for me. Kaye Woods…WOW, didn't any of her producers or editors ever watch one of her shows? Her pink glittery nail polish that's in every episode picks up the stage lighting and really is distracting to the eyes…it's almost blinding! I'd like to send her a bottle of pink in the same shade, minus the glitter. Her nail polish has really made me appreciate the dark red, short nails that Eleanor always sports. Alex Anderson…her show Simply Quilts is one I just can't get enough of. I know she's making the move from cable to "The Quilt Show" online with Ricky Timms in the beginning of April and I'll follow her there. For $17 I was able to subscribe for the year as a charter member. I'll give it a shot, why not. Their site also has wonderful Message Boards and Chat rooms. Their online Quilt Gallery is very inspirational as it allows each member to upload 6 quilt pictures. Fons & Porter, while I like their show as it's very informational it just moves way too slow for me. I love their magazine because there is always so much information. Sewing with Nancy, although her show revolves mainly around regular sewing, not quilting she has so much information to share. I wouldn't have known what half of my sewing machine feet were used for in real life had it not been for her show.

Another thing I like to listen to while sewing is Audio books. I recently discovered that I can download free audio books off the internet through the Wisconsin Library Consortium. I purchased an inexpensive MP3 player with a small amount of memory (512MB) just to use for audio books. Since January I've listened to Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, The Notebook & At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks and a few other various books that fall in the romance category. I downloaded a silly book called "How does Aspirin find a Headache?" Filled with odd tidbits of information including why people are buried 6 feet under.
Prior to finding out I could download audio books I was taking out the Tapes and CD's from the library. The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling are great to listen to. The Narrator really sounds like a grandfather reading you a bedtime story.

With Audio books I've learned that it's possible to love the story but hate the narrator. There are a few books that I've had to stop listening to because of that. There's always the same dilemma you face when reading…how many chapters do you give a book before you decide it's just not something captivating enough for you to continue? I'm currently listening to Janet Evanovich 's Back to the Bedroom. The romance was obvious to see coming and the things happening are just too quirky…a "pod" falling off a helicopter and through the main character's roof, 2nd and 3rd floors of her home and a wacky old lady that moves into her rented room. I've been listening for about 3 hours now and although I hate to put a book down, whether I'm reading or listening I think it's time to give this book the ax. I'm just not interested enough to see where it goes! I think it's time to wait in line for some Nora Robert's audio books!

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I don't watch the tv as there's never anything worth watching. We don't get craft programmes over in the UK. I do listen to the radio constantly though. We have a good station that does plays and comedies all day. I also listen to a music station that just plays rock music. love and hugs gina xx

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - Simply Quilts?
Posted by mamanance (
So is that why SQ is not on HGTV any more? I watch her almost every morning, and had been seeing the ads for her webpage address changing, and I have watched a video or two at the new address, but no listing there or on HGTV for her this week. I'll have to check that out. I've never watched any of the others you mentioned. I do like to listen to music - sometimes mine, sometimes XM online, sometimes Pandora or my Yahoo Music. And I have listened to a book thru, but you pay for that, and free is better!

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I will miss SQ because it's the only quilt show that I watch! The others, if I can get them, are on at inconvenient times. I should try taping, I guess. I either listen to CDs or watch Law & Order shows or spinoffs. They don't need my full attention. I do need to have something going in the background. Rhoda

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Hi Jen - I've really been enjoying your posts and seeing your projects. You are a very industrious quilter! When I'm sewing I usually have the DIY channel on and watch all of the sewing, knitting and crafting shows in the afternoon. In the morning I'll keep ABC on or listen to Sirius Satellite radio. I must confess, I am still stuck in the disco era and must flash back to that time as often as possible! When I want to be mellow I will listen to the New Age channel or listen to music on TV. No commercials...heaven!

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I joined The Quilt Show too. I listen to podcasts while I am quilting. Annie's Quilting Stash Podcadt is great! I alos listen to Alex and that's where I heard about The Quilt Show. It will be interesting on the 2nd because they said that there probably will be problems because everyone will be trying to watch it all on that day and bog everything down. Hmmmmm, to wait a day or not? Cindy

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