Monday, April 7, 2008

The Cult

Do you all remember last summer when our neighbors were a group of 50 College Kids who were selling security equipment door to door? We had nick named them "The Cult." Here's a quick recap or you can click the link above and wade through my posts to get the full obnoxious details:

  • We were reluctant to sign our lease last year, we expressed our dissatisfaction with the long list of crappy neighbors we've had. The office chick promised us that she'd look for someone a little better for our area. FIVE days after we sign a big Office Max truck pulls up and hoards of college kids are moving folding tables and chairs in. Ok, my first thought was who the heck can get that many people to help them move? At 3:30AM I wasn't so thrilled when these 25 some kids were still milling about and being really loud.
  • Our apartment common areas started resembling dorm life with open doors, loud music, people outside swearing.
  • 50 College kids, 4 per apartment and WE were the Lucky people to have their sales office below us.
  • Each day they had a sales meeting with all 50 people. I just don't know how else to describe it but they cheered each sale, they had a long, loud chant that they did at the end of each meeting to get everyone pumped up to go out and sell, sell, sell. If you've ever seen the TV show on A&E, "The King of Cars," their sales meetings were very similar. Our poor dog was scared out of her fur so we had to drop her off at my Mom's each morning. Any time we were going to be gone for any length of time we took her to my Mom's. Otherwise, we'd come home and find her huddled either in the bathroom or under the desk in the spare room which is typically where she hides when there's a thunderstorm. (Hmmm, I wonder if she'll flee to the basement when we move?)
  • There was trash EVERYWHERE.
  • Constantly parked in our parking space and ALL the visitor spots.
  • They didn't have a sales permit AND in an apartment complex or actually any home based business, you can't have EMPLOYEES working out of your house so I had to file a complaint form with the city to try to get them booted. That did work but it was a slow process.
  • Finally they moved their meetings to the complexes party room because I think the landlords were tired of hearing us complain. Really though, we aren't complainers unless something is way wrong or they just keep putting off fixing something.
  • What was supposed to be a 3 month stay extended from the Second week in April until September/October by the time we finally got rid of the last obnoxious bunch.
  • They were rated really poorly on the Better Business Bureau site.
  • They were featured on a local TV Station for their awful and fraudulent business practices.

I'm pretty positive at one point I said I wouldn't rest until I put that company out of business. However, it turns out I didn't have to! They went bankrupt in March!! I'm thrilled because to all of us it looked like a sham and turns out it was! They had these kids believing that they were starring in a reality show or competing to be on one. Then you were supposed to make all this money and in the end, they're in debt to this company for thousands of dollars each.


    Kristie said...

    Thank God they are gone and out of business!!! Hopefully, you won't have any weird neighbors at the townhouse.

    Deb (vtquilter) said...

    Glad they went out of business. Hope you have good neighbors at the new place..

    Suzan said...

    Glad they were finally put out of business but those poor college kids thinking they were going to make money and now finding out they owe money. Major bummer!

    Jeanne said...

    All's well that ends well. The last place we lived had a similar situation. Landlord promised he wanted mature responsible tenants and after we signed the lease he rented the other apartment to a 23 year old guy coming off a "messy" divorce. Can you say party central. It was miserable. We left as soon as our lease was up and are in a much better place. Oh the other tenant stiffed the landlord for many months rent as well as damage to the property.

    Moneik said...

    So glad to hear they went out of business. I sure hope you have good neighbors at the new place.

    jillquilts said...

    That's awesome that they are bankrupt! But too bad for the kids who now owe them a bunch of money. Hopefully, they won't have to owe the money now.