Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Donated Fabric - A Quandry

I forgot to include a few things that happened on Saturday in my Sewing For Soldier entry on 3/31. Although, it IS in the same category of my "Fat Quarter Frenzy" post!!

As I mentioned, we had fabric donated to our Books for Soldiers group. Karen who heads our program had taken it all home to wash and iron before we used it.

So there I was minding my own business sewing along with Roxie matching up pieces of fabric for me to sew together, a few other ladies ironing flanges for me to use when a woman from the other group (The group sewing quilt tops for their group to raffle with funds going towards their group speakers and events) walks over and starts rifling through not only our box of uncut fabric but also the fabric I had already cut to size for pillow cases. After I recoiled from the shock of what I thought was happening, I asked her if I could help her with a pillow case kit. "No" she says, "I'm looking for reds to go in my quilt." Shocked, I looked at her and explained that this fabric wasn't up for grabs and that it was donated to be used for pillow cases. "Well," she says, "I'll bring it back if it doesn't go." Now, the group of us are staring at her as she walks away with about 4 yards...just shocked. Finally I say, "Did that really just happen?" Who the heck just helps themselves to a box of donated fabric that belongs to another group? I could see if it was labeled for everyone to use. I didn't want to cause a scene but really, what the heck should I have done in that situation??

Hours pass and one of the women who had helped us with some of the ironing walks over to our pile of pillow cases, picks through, slips one into her tote without a word and walks away. I'm not a leader of this group so I didn't know if I should have called her out on this action or not. I looked at my mom and said, "Did you see that? Did she really just walk off with a pillow case without saying a word?" These pillow cases serve a few different purposes. They get shipped to soldiers in care packages but they also sell for $10 a piece if you want to take one home with you. This $10 then goes towards the shipping of these care packages. It costs over $8 to ship a care package and this woman just elected to walk off with one. Did she see this as her payment for helping out? I mean, I didn't want to ask and insult her on the chance that she did pay for it but, if that were me, I would have said something like, "I'll throw my donation in on my way out." I'm still dumbfounded and it's two days later. Do people no longer have morals??

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I'm sorry but I would have had to say something in quite a loud voice about the first woman. That is awful, it amazes me how some people can live with themselves. I think that some people think that because it's for charity it doesn't count as stealing. There was a spate of stealing from Charity shops in this area, when the person was caught they didn't think it was 'proper stealing' as people had donated the stuff to the shop in the first place. Unfortunately we are living in an 'I want therefore I will have' society today .We have a similar problem with some of the churches of all things. When they have a table top sale one of the church's is well known for the congregation going through the donations and taking out what they want before it goes on sale. They don't get any donations now as people are sick and tired of the antics. Keep your chin up, there is plenty of good out there as you know and perhaps those two women will get their come uppance. You never know that red might run in the wash and ruin her quilt. love and hugs gina xxx Edited by orchidlover on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 01:35 AM

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Wow! What nerve! I would have been shocked too!!

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