Thursday, April 5, 2007

Heartwarming - People who use quilts in the manner intended

When I make quilts as gifts I fully intend for their users to use them up and wear them out. Over the pas few years I've been making baby quilts as my cousin's children have been born with the promise that when they are ready for a "big kid" quilt to let me know. Three of them happen to be ready all at the same time. As I was checking on the colors they are interested in, I got the sweetest email from my cousin Katie regarding her two boys Jake & Zach.
Hi Jen!
We were just talking about you this week. Zach was holding his
favorite blankie at bedtime which is the one you made for him. We were
again talking about the blankie that you made for them and how special it
is. I said how you put so much love into making it. We read again
what you had written on it. We were noticing that it was getting small
when Zach covers himself with it at bedtime. He won't allow any other
blanket to be on his bed. He takes it with him everywhere, Jen. He
brings it into my bed when he comes in by me. He takes out to the couch
when he wants to cuddle up. It is his most comforting thing in his life
even more special than the puppy he made at Build a Bear. Zach seemed sad
when we said the blanket was getting small. I said that you were making
him a new one and he seemed a little happier with that idea. I said how he
would always have the blanket you made for him. Jacob loves his blanket
too. I think he loves it even more because he knows you now and he can put
a face with the blanket.

To me, this is the most heartwarming thing that I have ever read regarding the baby quilts that I have made. This is what makes quilting worthwhile to me. Here are pictures of their baby quilts. I had some fabric left over from Jacob's quilt so when his little brother Zach was born I included it in his too.

Jacob's "Jacob's Ladder" and Zach's "Cubic Turtles
Thursday, April 5, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover (
That's a wonderful story. Gemma won't be parted from her first quilt either. I've made her others but the first quilt is special.She takes it on sleepovers and when we go on holiday. She's due to go away with the school soon and I think it's going with her.It's the first quilt I made and is showing signs of wear and tear but she won't let me mend it. Although she loves the other quilts I have made her,this one is her favourite love and hugs gina xxx
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Posted by scissorhandscps (
Those are both very nice quilts! I made one for each my nice and nephew. My nephew is 13 now and his blankie has had a couple of repairs including a whole new binding. Oh, and yes I am REALLY ready for this basketball quilt to be done!!! :0)
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Posted by 51050 (
What a great story! My mom made whole cloth quilts out of a poly/cotton fabric for each of her 16 grandchildren. They all took their quilts to college with them - even the boys. They were well loved, and my mom was very pleased. Rhoda

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Posted by ninepatchrose (
letter with us. Maybe that's why making children's quilts and lap quilts is so interesting to me, because they get used and not just put on a bed or put away for posterity sake. Quilts, in my opinion, are made to be used and loved. I really like both your quilts. They are great!!! The Yellow one especially appeals to me. Is that a Jacob's ladder? Thanks again for sharing this very heartwarming letter.

Thursday, April 5, 2007 - Thanks for sharing
Posted by mamanance (
the letter and the pictures of the quilts. The quilts are both lovely. Nice that they both have some of the same fabric in them, but differences also. Before I started quilting I knitted blankets for our first 2 grandsons and a grand-nephew. One blanket is well used and loved but I've never seen or heard about the other 2 since I gave them. I am hoping that the quilt I made for granddaughter a few months ago falls into the well-used category. I tried to make sure they understood it was washable and wasn't for hanging on the wall. I guess time will tell. The first 3 recipients are 2 1/2 to 3 now. When do you figure they are ready for Big Boy quilts?? If I make quilts for my two grandsons I will consult with parents first about colors, designs, etc. I did that for the well-used blanket, but not for the other 2. Maybe that is part of the secret??

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