Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Birthday Party, Cell Phone Store and some Sewing

That sounds like an opening to a joke but it's not!

I slept in until I heard the Cult Chanting downstairs start. So I sprung out of bed and ran off to find my MP3 Player so that I could hook it up to the stereo speakers and blast some music. Needless to say, Norah Jones really doesn't pack much of a punch. She might have been loud, but definitely not bothersome. I think next Saturday I'll have to switch to Eminem. Maybe the language will bother them. My luck they'll like it. Yes, the Eminem is mine…my music tastes really vary! Heck, I have the Muppet's CD playing in my car right now.

It was then time to head off to my friend Ruth's house for her Son Aidan's first birthday party. I could have sworn I had some home made kid birthday cards. My husband must have grabbed the last one for his niece and never said a word. I had to give a blah card with a Sail Boat on it that didn't remotely look like a kid card. And, since I know nothing about shopping for kids I threw in some money. I sure wasn't super slick aunt Jen today. Aidan is the most adorable little kid on the planet.

Ruth and I used to work together. Her and her husband tried for years to get pregnant. Her doctor told her she'd never be able to have kids. Finally she decided to so something for herself and go back to school. Hurricane Katrina hit and she took all of the baby clothes, toys, and furniture that she was ever given by her friends and family and donated it all. Two weeks later she found out she was pregnant. Aidan is definitely a miracle baby and I was with her when she found out she was pregnant.

We went to Target during our lunch break one day. She had been feeling crappy and was convinced her period was on its way. But since she had been through so much she just had a nagging feeling that she wanted to take a pregnancy test but understandably didn't want to get her hopes up. As she was lingering in the aisle I tried to cheer her up. I told her that when she took the test I'd even hold her hand while we waited for the results…but that she had to wash her hands first. She laughed and we headed to the bathroom. This wasn't uncommon with us; I waited out quite a few tests with her in that Target bathroom over the years. From a few stalls down I heard this loud whoop of excitement. As I'm washing my hands she opens the door and starts flailing this test about asking me if it says what she thinks it is saying. Immediately, without thinking I grab the test because I can't read a moving object, much less try to process if it should be a plus or a minus in the window. I confirm that it's the result she was hoping for and I get this dead pan serious expression on my face and say to her, "I'm holding your pee stick." The two of us started laughing uncontrollably. I'm now known as "The Pee Stick Holder." It's because of this that I feel a special bond with Aidan!

Ruth made chocolate cupcakes for him. He had a great time getting it all over himself!

My next stop of the afternoon was the Cell Phone Store. We opened our bill last night and our normal $80 bill for the three of us was $250. I still don't know how we used all the minutes that they claim we did but something had to change! It turns out we haven't changed our cell phone plan in over six years. We weren't getting free mobile to mobile minutes like we should have been this whole time and considering that's where 90% of our calls are from we've been getting screwed this whole time. I changed the plan and they credited us $86 which isn't all of it, but at least it's something. What the heck do we have to do? Call to see what new plans they're offering every 6 months or so?

Now, I needed some relaxation so I packed my sewing supplies up and headed for my mom's. I finished the Chelsea bag that I'd been working on for my friend Diane and made her a matching Runaround bag and Wonder Wallet. Her Daughter Katie had also picked out some fabric so with that I made her a Runaround bag and a Wonder Wallet as well. They're all set for next week when they leave on their vacation. They have a really funny name for their trip and I can never remember all the letters. They're heading out for 9 days of traveling. Diane, her husband Dave and their two adult children Katie and Manda. I know they'll have a great time because the trip is planned out on a pretty tight schedule!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover
Aiden is adorable. i love seeing kids making a mess when they are eating.

On the music try Ozzy Osbourne as he's known as 'The Prince of Darkness' or Black Sabbath as they sing about death and hell. If that doesn't annoy the neighbours, nothing will. If you want volume go for a military band, you won't get much louder. You can tell I've done this before can't you. If you need any more suggestions just let me know. I'm a Heavy metal fanatic and can give you song titles and groups for loud music.

love and hugs gina xxx

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Our bags are great!!!
Posted by Anonymous
Hi all, it's Diane...getting a sneak preview of the gorgeous bags. I can't wait to see them in person at work tomorrow!!!!

We are calling our vacation the INKYTNMO Trip (pronounced Inky-Ten-Mo) because we're going to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri (also Wisconsin where we live, Illinois which doesn't count because we go there a lot, and Arkansas because we probably won't stop there, it's just a short bit). Jen's bags will be fabulous "equipment" for the journey. I'm especially thrilled about the Chelsea bag because it's big enough to hold the 75 page itinerary (I'm not exaggerating, I'm a worse geek than Jen, LOL), and also because they don't allow backpacks at Mammoth Cave and if I have it in backpack mode at the time, I can just zip it into purse mode and take it with me, HA HA! I'll feel like Maxwell Smart or something. I mean, it's like a Transformer, only for chicks!

The purses look gorgeous, Jen, THANK YOU!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
He is soooooo cute. I miss mine being so little. They did the very same thing with there cake. I love the new purses, the fabrics are really nice.

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by lori
The baby is adorable , My dad used to always say a healthy and happy child is one with chocolate on his face .
The purses are wonderful .
What kind of people are these that chant after every sale .I know ,weird ones LOL .That would drive me crazy ,guess it could be worse .At least their not dangerous ,or I hope their not .

Monday, May 21, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps
Those are just the sweetest baby photos!!! Cherish them forever! He sure is adorable!!

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