Friday, May 18, 2007

My Friday Night

Today it was beautiful outside. Probably in the 70's, the sun was shining and the wind was light. When I got home from work I saw a bag of garbage on the stair case outside our apartments. Now, the only people this bag could have come from because of its placement were us, our neighbor Anthony or the Cult. Rule out us and Anthony and you've got the Cult left. So my hubby knocks on their door and asks if they can remove their garbage (Seriously, if you're going to leave it, you really leave it ON THE STAIRS?) and is told that it can't possibly be theirs. We know better but we go on our merry way discussing what's going to happen when we get back from the ball game and it's still there. Yes, we're childish, but at this point, this is our entertainment.

Tonight we went to the Milwaukee Brewers game and they lost 1-8 against the Minnesota Twins. =( It was Paul Molitor Bobble Head night. Mollie was always my favorite player growing up. Mike and I each got one of the rare bobble heads. They make 5000 in a blue jersey and the rest in the white pin strip jersey. Up until now, we haven't gotten any of the special ones, so for each of us to get one was a pretty big deal. We're nerds, what can we say!!

We get home from the game and shock of all shocks, the bag is STILL there. Now, keep in mind, This Cult has 50 members. So 50 people come every morning for the meeting, 50 people leave every morning after the meeting. They come and go through out the day and all 50 check in at day's end. So by the time we get back, there have been at least 150 chances for this garbage bag to get picked up by someone. Mike goes outside with the dog, I'm now standing outside on our upstairs patio and we're discussing this bag of garbage very loudly. Again, I realize we're childish but, it's what's keeping us going. If we've got to live above a business we might as well make it entertaining. Finally a group of about 6 of them come out and go to leave. I holler down and ask if they're sure that's not their garbage. The guy says, I don't think so. I say, well, it's funny because it's not ours, and it's not Anthony's so unless some random person walked a garbage bag over here from God only knows where, that leaves you guys. This one guy says, "Oh, I guess it is mine. I brought it with me and then we left really quickly so I set it down." Ummm, ok, WHO THE HECK JUST LEAVES A BIG BAG O TRASH ON A STAIRCASE??? Wouldn't you just leave it outside your own door? Now I'm ticked. I advised them that we do get raccoons, possums, coyotes, skunks and deer because we live so close to the park way and since we take our dog out at night we really don't want to be running into one of these just because they've not taken their garbage out to their garages. Out of all those animals, the guy says, "Wow, you've got possums around here? I'm terrified of those." I just shook my head and went in. Out of all those, a possum isn't what you want to encounter? I'd be freaked out about the coyotes, skunks or raccoons.

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover
It's alright I'm a soccer nerd. I've got little figurines of soccer players dotted around the house.
Isn't it strange what people are scared of. I think the coyotes would worry me a bit more than possums aswell. Never mind you can't help some people if they won't help themselves.
love and hugs gina xxx

Sunday, May 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
You are so funny! Don't worry, I do the same thing when something erks me, that is all that I can think about. Richard laughs at me. And who in the world would just leave a bag a garbage behind, because they were in a hurry...

Tonight's top picks. What will you watch tonight?

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