Saturday, May 12, 2007

Talk about a busy day!

Today was such a busy day. I went to bed last night around 3am…ok, I went to bed this morning around 3am and I was woken up around 9am by the Business downstairs. They were having their morning meetings. I swear one guy was loudly making a noise that resembled a train horn. THAT'S what woke me up. As I lay there, willing myself to fall back asleep they were talking loudly, laughing and watching a training video. I came to the realization that the 4-1/2 months that they'll live amongst us equates to 19-1/2 weeks, 137 days, 117 days of which I'll have to take Holly to my mom's in the morning. The only days she won't be going there is Sunday because that's their one day off. I pay far too much rent to have to go through this. When I pick up the key for the Party Room on Sunday I'll be having a little chat with the apartment office. Since I was up, without hope of falling back to sleep I baked Jean's Birthday Cake and cut up all the ingredients for my pasta salad.

My Mom and I went to IHOP for breakfast. Our Pre-Mother's Day Breakfast. A new one opened up by us and we've been stalking it waiting for it to open because it's been years and years since we've eaten in one. We were both surprised to find that our breakfasts were very light tasting, not greasy at all. They even have a lower calorie menu that you can order from.

We then headed to the Patched Works. It was Buy one Thread/Get one Free. My mom and I each bought two huge cones of Signature thread. They didn't have white so we got pastel colors which are just fine for piecing.

It was then time to go to my Grandma's house to meet up with the Murphy Clan. While there we took a family picture for them. I think they turned out really nice.

Sean, Henriette, Karen, Erin, Ronnie & Grandma

Afterwards we embarked on our Party Shopping Spree. We picked up the rest of the much needed food and purchased a few decorations. I plunked a goofy Strawberry Shortcake hat on my mom's head and whipped out my camera!

From there, Grandma, Aunt Karen, my Mom and I went out to my Aunt Eileen and Uncle Ray's for dinner and shared quite a few laughs. My Uncle had some Peach Moonshine in a Mason Jar from his neighbor and made us all try some. One sip was all I needed. It burned my lips. My mom said she felt hers go all the way down. We were joking that it probably burnt a hole in her esophagus.

Finally, I came home to accomplish my last few party preparations. I made the noodles for the pasta salad and frosted and decorated Jean's Birthday Cake. It now dawned on me that her name isn't on there anywhere. I'm afraid if I wrote it, at this point I'd muck it up. So, I think it is just going to stay as is for right now!! Maybe some one else will get brave tomorrow. Not bad for the first cake that I've ever made an attempt to decorate. The cake itself my husband has named, "Crack Rock Cake" because we find it highly addictive. You take a chocolate cake mix, add to it one 15 ounce can of pumpkin (not pie pumpkin), 3 egg whites, ½ cup of unsweetened apple sauce and mix. If it's not wet enough, you add a little water until it becomes a nice consistency. You bake as directed on the box. This is the moistest cake ever. You don't taste the pumpkin at all. We originally got this recipe from one of the ladies at Weight Watchers. Mike took pity on me and barbequed my 36 Italian Sausages which will be put into spaghetti sauce and warmed through in slow cookers tomorrow and then eaten on buns. They're really good that way and it's nice and easy for a party.

There's so much to do tomorrow morning, it isn't even funny. Yet I'm sitting here typing my blog because I'm still too wired to go to bed!

Here's a picture of Holly Sniffing the Flowers BEFORE I put them on the cake. She sure was confused, I think the thought they were real!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps
Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom. She looks way over thrilled with that strawberry shortcake hat. Watch out for the turn about! Nice cake! I'm going to try that recipe sounds good. My mom is a life time member of weight watches. She reached her goal and has stayed there about 20 years!

Monday, May 14, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover
What a busy day. The cake looks fabulous and I love grandma's orchid

love and hugs gina xxx

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