Monday, May 21, 2007

Where did my Project Linus Group Go???

Tonight I was supposed to go to my Project Linus group at Homespun Creations. Since my hubby had just taken my sewing machine out of my car and up to the apartment I couldn't exactly ask him to take it back out just because I wasn't thinking so I decided I'd go and just be a cutter or an ironer. I got there and there was no one to be found. Now, I missed last month because of my back and then saw the same group of ladies at Block of the Month, no one said a word about not meeting this month. I know they take a break for summer, but this is MAY. I'm sad. =(

I drove over to Jo-Ann's because I was bored. I picked up the new Fon's & Porter magazine. I should really just subscribe and be done with it.

On the way back I passed the greenhouse so I decided to check out plants for our salsa garden that I suck my husband into planting every year. If I did the planting, I'd be swollen for weeks. I was shocked to see that their veggie plants were very sparse and that they didn't have many geraniums left for my hanging baskets. I don't know if they're just low because it's pre-memorial day or if everyone has already done their shopping. Well, I panicked and purchased.

Now mind you, I live in an upstairs apartment with a porch. We have window boxes. I always try to grow something ridiculous, I almost bought an Eggplant plant but I could hear my Grandma saying, "What the heck do you think you're going to do with that?" So, I left it there. Last year I tried growing regular and roma tomatoes. Yeah I can hear you all now, what kind of lunatic grows bushy tomatoes in a window box. The answer is a not very successful lunatic. I think we got maybe 10 tomatoes? The year before it was strawberries, before that it was wax beans. There have been more foolish attempts but I can't remember them all. But I did threaten to try corn one year. I picked up 3 "apartment" tomato plants, 8-10 pepper plants in many varieties, some geraniums and vinca vines and snap dragons. Hopefully this weekend I can coerce my husband into planting it all in our 3 window boxes and 3 hanging planters. Don't give me the lecture of too many plants for this little area…I KNOW it is, it's just amusing for me. to watch from indoors. Then of course like the idiot I am, I put my two flats into the back seat of my car and proceeded to itch and swell for the next 5 miles to home. I'm still pulling eye boogers out of my eyes. Sigh, some days I'm just not so smart!

When my hubby got back from his training ride he took me to see . That is the most hilarious movie ever. I couldn't ask my mom if she wanted to go along because I knew she would be watching the dancing bachelor. Oh wait, that's two separate shows… When she reads that I saw the movie she's not going to be happy. That's ok; I'll go again to see it in a heart beat because it was truly hilarious. Definitely is not written for kids. Kids just wouldn't get any of the humor. On the other hand, my hubby and I laughed histerically from beginning to end. There was maybe 15 people total in this theater. Why is it we're the first ones in there, plenty of seats available and we still get a row of people directly behind us that kick our seats?

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You sound so much like me. I buy almost every quilt magazine that I see but only subscribe to one. Duhhhhhhh. We all loved the Sherek movie too. I think Richard laughed more than anyone in there. We have a garden, you can't live on a farm and not have a garden. We have lettuce, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, corn, green beans, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 - So cool
Posted by Dawnmarie
How did you do the blog with your son? He is a cutie pie. My cutie pie is now 36. Those years went by in a blink of my eye.

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We don't get Shrek over here until the Autumn. We're going to see it though as I loved the first two. I'm glad the new one is as good.

love and hugs gina xxx

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The kids and I loved Shrek, also. I like that they make movies now that are animated and with a plot that kids can follow, but with added humor that the adults in the audience can appreciate.

Tonight's top picks. What will you watch tonight?

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