Thursday, May 10, 2007

You call that a Seam RIPPER?

Last night my husband and I were in our living room watching TV. He was lying on the couch and I was at my sewing table which is butted up to the back of the couch. I heard our screen door open, the dog fly down the stairs and then the door closed. My first thought was, "Wow, I must be losing it, when did Mike get up to take the dog out?" Then I saw his arm rise up in the air from on the couch and I came back to reality. Mike and I went flying down the stairs and out the door. Turns out one of the "cult" members tried entering the wrong apartment. No apology, no nothing. The manager says, "My employee tried opening the wrong door." I said that I was just really concerned about my dog getting out; basically we were "dismissed" and went back in our apartment. Here's the kicker, they have a lit up sign in front of their apartment...its obvious which apartment is their "office." We just have your standard screen door with the little slide lock...the lock that really does nothing because it got popped open. My mom's doesn't take much work at all to pop open; I'll admit that I do it all the time. But, that's me, popping into her house, I know the tricks! Outsiders should not know these things. I've lived here 8 years, never in all that time have I felt that I've needed a keyed screen door lock, not even when the Hicks of Hazard or Melrose Place neighbors lived here. I mean, they were all odd psycho drunks, but they were so to each other. Sure they were annoying, but not one ever opened the wrong door. Needless to say, it just adds one more reason for me to not stand them.

On my way home from work tonight I bought a keyed screen door lock for us and one for my mom. I wanted to install them, right then and there. Mike usually does these things but he was headed out for a bike ride since he's training for the MACC Fund ride which is 62 miles. I'd be biking with him for the ride but I can't because of my back. I'm proud to say that besides cutting down the shafts which Mike did before he took off, I installed ours all by myself. Shims and all. Of course it wasn't the smartest thing to do since I was the only one home and the screen door now had no handle. I did need to figure out how to get the door back open!! But I did it!! Mike even called me to tell me what a great job I did.

Next stop, my mom's house. She was sitting on the couch looking like she was dying because I was supposed to come right back so we could get something to eat. She looked pretty pathetic and told me she just ate two pieces of toast out of desperation. And here, I'm all excited that I put this handle in on my own I didn't realize that it took me about an hour. We decided to wait to do hers and run over to my Grandma's to help her with her sewing machine.

We walk in and my mom sits down at the sewing machine, I pick up a t-shirt that my grandma has decided to lop 4 inches off of (Lop is even nice sounding compared to how it looked! People with low vision should probably wait for help with cutting straight) and then hemmed it. Well, it's knit, it's a dull needle, the feed dogs were somehow in the down position and a lot of it looked gathered. We blamed the machine and I set off with a seam ripper to take it out for her. WOW, I think she's had this seam ripper for all 54 years of my mom's life. It was beyond dull. I would have had better luck with a safety pin. Mom worked on the machine and I pulled the hem out. I ended up overstretching the thread and breaking it every few inches and just pulled out one stitch at a time. We left with the machine, in the mean time I think I'll take my little Janome 609 over to her and see if she wants to give that a try. I'd give her, her old Singer 2010 back to use, but it has bobbin issues and that one is too computerized for her, she never got used to it. For mother's day I'll get her a few packs of needles, a new seam ripper or two and a few fresh spools of thread. Now, I say "we" left with the machine. Really it was my poor mom carrying this beast because I can't lift with my back issues. We walked very quickly to the car!!

Back to my Mom's house, by now it's dark and the two of us are trying to put her screen door handle on. We don't communicate very well regarding where the flashlight needs to be shining. I was frustrated with her, she was frustrated with me and the two dogs were on their outdoor chains and decided they needed to lay right inside the house on the other side of the door way. With the door open, we couldn't exactly take them off so there they layed. In the end though, we got the handle attached. Her door frame is a little different than ours and we need a few more shims...actually, we need shims and we need Mike to assess situation. The wood isn't that great in the door jam so I'm almost wondering if we need to shove anchors into the holes first and then use a little wood glue to firm them up. Either way, I'm happy that I was able to install the two of these!!

Homeward bound. I decided to make two more Runaround Bags. I just can't get enough of this pattern because it's so quick and simple. These are Red and Purple for Red Hatters.

My Mom is a red hatter; she's actually the Queen Mum of her chapter. A few weeks back there was a huge Red Hat Society get together with like 500 ladies. It just so happens that one of the ladies from our Friday Night Block of the Month group is in the chapter that ran the event. She pinned a flower on my mom since she's a Queen Mum. Now the first thing out of my mom's mouth when she came home was, "I think Beryl and I are engaged, she pinned me." I burst out laughing. Beryl is absolutely hilarious and I can picture in my head how this went. Our BOM group has a Yahoo Group and my mom announced to the group that she thought that Beryl and her were engaged...this created a lot of laughs and nonsense with the rest of the group. Wendy suggested that we bring candles and have a pinning ceremony like they do in Sororities. Beryl then wanted to know if this means she gets to have me as a daughter because she's always wanted a daughter. So now tomorrow to keep this nonsense moving right along, I'm giving one of these purses to Beryl. I mean, you can't see your mom on mother's day and not give a gift right? LOL. So, these two purses are for my Mom and Beryl to wear to their next red hat functions. I like that they're red and purple without being tacky. I guess I'm just not to the age yet where I appreciate Red and Purple TOGETHER in MASS AMOUNTS!!!



You know what's funny? As I sat at my machine sewing these bags, another idiot tried to open our screen door. The new handle has been on for not even 6 hours and it's just paid for itself. I think my next project will have to be a wall hanging for the door, to make it MORE obvious that this is not their apartment. My friend Ruth has challenged me to put a Wiccian symbol on my door or put a cauldron on my porch. Depending on my mood the rest of the summer...that could provide some great entertainment. I can totally become "that crazy lady that we lived by in the summer of 2007." I mean, it SHOULD be entertaining for me somehow right? Otherwise I'll go insane!!

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Posted by Anonymous
How do you find the time? I don't know how you fit it all in. The story with your neighbors almost makes me laugh. People can be so weird, that's why I'm glad we have no neighbors. My mom and sister are the closest and they live a mile away. So if someone ends up here by accident there is something bad wrong!! You sound so much like me, when I want something done I want it done now. With Richard working 16 hrs a day, I end up doing alot. Like even bought me a chainsaw for my birthday, that's romantic isn't it???

By the way, I love the purses. How many does that make?

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Posted by CountryQuilter
Sorry, that first comment was from me, I forgot to log in.

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Posted by Vesuviusmama
That's quite an entertaining entry! Thanks for the peek into your life!

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