Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My drive home from work started out simple enough and then I saw the text message from my mom about her car. I called and talked to her, then to my husband and back with mom. My conversation with Mike went like this, "If you were going to jump start a car, would you rather do it with mine or yours?" I figure, he knows our car batteries better, I couldn't tell you which one of us had a newer battery. His response was pretty priceless. "Well, if my truck blows up it really won't be a loss." Ummm, ok. It SO WOULD BE A LOSS TO US!! I realize it's old, but it's not dead.

As mom said, in the end we needed to get her a new battery. We pull into the lot and I see Hancock's Fabrics is having a 75% off sale. It was horrible. Mike parked in the first stall right in front of Hancock's and told me we had no time for that. Which really is true because our Hancock's is awful. If you go in there you lose at least 3 hours of your life and it's not really that much fun. I felt conflicted going into the auto repair place when my little heart was pitter pattering for the fabric store.

Sometimes I like to pronounce Battery as "Bat-Tree" because I know it drives Mike up a wall. So I found it particularly funny when he walked into the auto parts store and announced we needed a Bat-tree for a 2001 Tracker. I dunno, maybe that's why they tried to sell us a $179 battery. It WAS funny though. He's probably still mumbling about it. He made the funniest comment about the battery which really isn't suitable for print on the web. Mike just has a hilarious way of saying things that never fails to crack me up. It's just so dry and sarcastic.

In the end though, I'm glad it only turned out to be a Bat-Tree. Really, I did intend to go home and sew. But I got sucked into this Nora Roberts Trilogy about keys and proceeded to read a book and a half. Funny, I tried reading this series 2 summers ago and just couldn't get interested in it.

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That's so cute! My grandmother says things like Matt-rest for mattress and oil is earl, it drives me crazy.

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