Monday, June 11, 2007

Hi, My name is Jen and I HATE to clean

Hanging my head. My mom was just over for dinner. Before we ate I was going to start vaccuming. She knows how much I hate that job. She on the other hand LOVES to vaccum. I personally don't get it. Mom took pity on me and vaccummed my whole house, stairs, crevices, everything. Even under Holly's Kennel. There, I admit to the world, I HATE VACCUMING. It makes me itch, much more so than just leaving it alone. So, now we've made a trade. Mom vaccummed and I'm going to get her caught up on all of her block of the month blocks. Fine by me, I'll do those any day!! Quilting chores I can handle!!

Meanwhile, They're going to paint our balcony for the first time in 8 years. This should be interesting. They did it the first summer we moved in and the paint was so thick that it was sticky for about 2 months. We had to take all of our flower planters and brackets off, out patio table and grill down. We also have chicken wire up around the patio so that the dog doesn't fall off, Mike had to pull all the staples out. I know, I know it doesn't look the greatest but it's really common on our apartment porches. The slats are far enough apart that even a big 100 pound dog like Holly can fit between the slats so we all do it for safety. Since we've now started WWIII with the Cult, we couldn't exactly just put our planters and such out on the grass, they'd probably mess with it so I had to go across the way and ask "The Guys that call Mike Sir" if we could put our stuff on their porch for the day or two. We'll buy them a 12 pack to make up for it. I really like those guys.

Mike was chatting with a few of the neighbor guys while he was outside. Turns out one of our neighbors has also been complaining about the trash and is refusing to pay rent until they make a few repairs. It makes me feel better to know we're not the only ones getting the shaft here.

I've started watching for a sewing table. I've seen a few listed in our area that just aren't quite right but that gives me hope that someday one will be listed. We have a computer desk that I'm eyeing up. It's a few inches lower than the desk I'm using for my sewing table. BUT, it's significantly deeper. I think my current one is 20 inches, and the computer desk is 29. Ok, that's not huge, but when my table sits behind the couch in the living room...I don't think my hubby would like the living room getting even shorter. Although, it's cheaper than the $600 for a table. As a computer desk...I HATE it. I've HATED it since the moment my parents bought it 20 years ago. It's ok, my mom hates it too which is how I ended up with it. We were just discussing how she wants to trade kitchen tables with us and I told her that the awful desk had to be a package deal.

Well, I'm off. I need to get some Project Linus Cutting done so that I'm ready to sew on Saturday for our all day Sew-A-Thon at Frank's. Oh wait, Mike just reminded me we have to run to Target for T-Pee and Soda. Priorities...

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You sound so much like me. I hate to clean house. Richard never says a word if it starts to get bad, but I feel so guilty because I stay at home and he works so much. I guess the least that I could do is clean a path. :o) My mom even bought me a little wood sign that says "My house was clean last week, sorry that you missed it" When she comes to my house she starts to clean. That really makes me feel bad. But you should see her house. It kills me. She has a $5000. living room suite in her formal living that I don't think has even been sit on. what a waste. Anyway, Your neighbors sound like some of Richards friends, buy a 12pack and they will work all day. I bet you can't wait until Saturday to get to sew all day!! What fun!

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If only I could get Mike to add his comments from tonight...He had me laughing so hard that I was crying. I told him I should let him be a "guest" blogger once in a while and he just went on a tangent. I was dying. He was just ripping on me, poking fun at my mom and the vaccum cleaner belt, just all around being a smart a$$. My mom and I were trying to invent a way to cut some depth off this computer desk and he launched into this tangent about how we'd then be out a desk because between the three of us we'd make it worse and ruin it and how we'd still need to buy a table and a new desk just because we saw it could be done on the internet somewhere. He really needs to come out of the wood work one of these days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover (
I'm not a great house cleaner but like Kristie I feel I should as I'm a stay at home aswell.
I must admit I joined 'Fly Lady' and my house is looking alot better. I don't follow all the 'rules' as some of them just wouldn't work for me but i like the idea of picking a room a week and spending 15 mins a day on it

love and hugs gina xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050 (
I don't mind vacuuming, but I hate to dust! I used to do it every week, then I got one of the kids to do it each week, now I'm lucky if it gets done once a month! I do the floors every week because they show more, and cocker spaniels have big paws that track in a lot of dirt! Rhoda

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by bobbinhead (
LOL. I love to vaccum. Guess it justs "sucks" for you. Would love to see Mike post. I hate doing laundry. Hubby does the laundry and I do the yard work.

I need a table too. I'm on a plastic 4ft folding table. As soon as you start sewing it starts vibrating. I don't have the space for a nice sewing table. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for as we have HUGE sewing machines. I want a table that is centered to the needle not to the machine and those are BIG bucks.

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Sammy said...

I hate to clean too Jen. That's the real reason why I keep looking for ways to do the job quicker and easier, so I can get back to the things I enjoy.
I thought that, as a gift, I'm gonna leave you guys the worst part of my day, wich is how to clean the bathroom. Enjoy!