Saturday, June 2, 2007

MACC Fund Trek 100 Ride for Hope - Wrap Up

I was just about to hit the shower this morning so I could go to my mom's to sew and the phone rang. I thought, WOW he must really be making good time if he's calling already. Unfortunately it wasn't a good call. He had issues with his bike and was going to take a SAG vehicle back. Don't ask me what SAG stands for because I have no idea…but it's a vehicle that comes to get you if you have problems. I told him to stay put that I could get to him quicker. Ok, maybe not quicker, but the drive back to WCTC would be quicker. When you take a SAG they ride along the entire route incase there's other riders that need a pick up.

Now, last year we bought a bike rack for my car but never got around to setting it up properly. Mike told me not to bother with it, just to come out. I got out the ladder and pulled the rack out of the rafters. I got his other bike down and decided to take it with me incase he did want to continue. I felt in a rush so I threw it on my car (not really stopping to read the directions on the straps) and then realized I needed bungee cords to keep the wheels from spinning. Necessity inspires creativity because when I couldn't find bungee cords I grabbed a roll of packing tape and taped the wheels to the frame. One look at that and I knew it would send my hubby's eyes rolling but I was all set to tell him to focus on the fact that I got the bike there in one piece.

That never happened. By the time I got there he decided he wasn't going to continue and really I couldn't blame him. First of all, the route wasn't very well marked. He tried explaining it but somehow they ended up on the 100 mile route instead of the 62 mile route so they took a road to cross back. In the process his rear wheel just didn't feel right so they stopped to take a look. A lot of the spokes in his brand new rim were loose. They tightened them as best they could by hand. This is where it gets fuzzy for me…I probably have the next series of events out of order but you'll get the gist. At the next rest stop he had a bike mechanic take a look. His wheel wasn't "true." "True" is the fancy word for round. The mechanic fixed him up as best he could and I think he tried to proceed. Now, he blew the rear tire. The next (or same for all I know) mechanic figured when they hand tightened the spokes one of them probably tightened too far and poked into the tire. When the new tube was installed the mechanic noted that the wrong type of tape was used in the rim to begin with and tried to put a bunch of electrical tape around just to provide a barrier so he could continue. After all this, since I was already on my way Mike just decided something was telling him NOT to ride and it was best to leave things alone.

On the way back to WCTC I noticed the bikes were jumping around a bit. On the way out there, the one by itself was solid. So we pulled into a McDonalds to take a look. Turns out, I didn't have the correct straps in the correct places. Oh well, we fixed it back up and then hit the drive through for a cone. Doesn't ice cream fix everything?

We got back to WCTC and one by one we ran into the guys. The friend of Watry's that they started the ride with ended up with 2 blown inner tubes and couldn't get out of his highest gear so he had to take a SAG back. In the end, who finished? Watry with his one toe clip, ill fitting bike shorts, helmet that started out backwards on a bike that he took out yesterday for the first time in a year or two.

Mike is really down about not finishing. I know exactly how he feels. Our first year we were both signed up for the 62 mile ride. 9 days before hand I was rear ended. Not a bad accident but gave me whiplash (and in the end probably started my back problems). I made it 44 miles and then pinched something and had to be done. I had to take the SAG back that year. Mike said it was a good thing though because the hardest hills were those hills to come. It also stormed badly that year.

Last year Mike rode the 62 mile ride and my mom and I set out to do the 20. She told her story on her blog earlier today. I know she was bummed about not finishing too.

I guess years later I can say it's no big deal that I didn't finish that first year. I won't lie, not finishing that first year stung for quite a long time. So I know how my hubby feels. Even though it's not a race, the pride you have when you cross the finish line IS amazing. The effort that we all put in is what makes the difference and the money that we raise for research. The fact that you finished or not doesn't matter. It's the fact that you did or tried to do more than the people who didn't participate at all. I didn't participate this year and I felt crappy about it. But, now that I was a SAG for Mike I do feel like I participated somehow. I know full well had I not been specifically banned from riding by my Physical Therapist I would have riden, back pain and all. I bought a T-shirt so that I "look like" I rode.

Nice riding Mike. I'm proud of you!! I'd post his "finish" picture but then that's just giving him reason to want to kill me!

Saturday, June 2, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Sorry to hear about the mess. He should be proud that he attempted it....I think that is great.

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Posted by SewAndSnip
I know how hard and long he'd been gearing up for todays bike ride. The idea is that he tried. I know that won'thelp him at all and since I couldn't finish last year I know how he feels. One of these years I'm going to do the ride and do it to the end. I may have to give up eating so I can save money for a new bike but then again I could loose some weight. Gee maybe I could just borrow a horse and do it that way.
This next week one of our really big bosses is coming to our plant. He's a very nice man who is also battling cancer and has now been in remission for a few years. Anyway he came to our plant a few days after last years ride and my boss was telling him about my riding. He came and talked to me and said he'd come this year and we could do some riding together. I think I need to hide next week or I can simply tell him I don't make enough so I can buy a new bike.

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Posted by orchidlover
He should be proud of himself. He didn't give up because he couldn't or wouldn't do it. He was forced to 'retire due to mechanical problems'.

love and hugs gina xxx

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