Saturday, June 2, 2007

MACC Fund Trek 100 Ride for Hope

A charity near and dear to our hearts is the MACC Fund. MACC stands for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. This is our third year participating in the Trek 100 Ride for Hope. Unfortunately, I'm not riding this year because of my back. We got involved when our friends; Mike and Elizabeth's daughter Kaycey was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer. I wrote about them a few days ago. Kaycey's diagnosis is what motivated me to get involved in Project Linus.

Below is the Logo that my friend Katie made for us the first year. I was going to give her work props by linking to her fabulous website but I can't find it. When I find it I'll get it added. She's an awesome graphic designer. I added the "3rd Year Riding 4 Kaycey Jane." I printed them on cardstock and laminated them. One for Mike to pin to the bag on his bike and the other for me to wear. When we ran across Mike Watry, I took mine off and pinned it to his bike so that he could proudly ride with his daughter watching his back.

This year Mike was going to have to Ride without me and was bummed about riding alone. Right before the start we ran into our friend Mike (I'll refer to my Mike as Buettner, the other Mike as Watry) and one of Watry's buddies from work. They are also going to ride 62 miles. Watry is Kaycey's dad.

My Hubby is on the left in the "Make a Wish" shirt, Mike Watry is on the right.

I snapped a few pictures. We were cracking up because Buettner has been training for this ride for over a month, gradually increasing his mileage. Watry just put the tires on his bike last night. I hate to point out embarrass a friend but hopefully he'll never see my blog, and he knows I shot the picture. Watry went to put his helmet on…backwards. Didn't know the front from the back. He obliged and let me shoot this picture. We then looked down at his bike and noticed he didn't have a toe clip on both pedals, just one. It got lost somewhere along the way. My hubby whispered to me before they left that he wasn't sure if Watry would make it all 62 miles. I said, "Of course he will. His daughter fought cancer, he didn't give up on her then, he won't give up on this."

The ride this year was packed. Thousands of riders. They actually had to cut off registration a few weeks ago by order of the local police department. This ride is always a popular one but this year Lance Armstrong is riding in it so there's extra falderal.

Riders to the front of them

Riders to the back of them

They headed out around 8am. 8:09 to be exact. As I said before, the Mike's are riding 62 miles. These cyclers that took off are either riding 100 or 62 miles. There is another group that rolled out an hour later that is compiled of the 14 and 35 mile riders. Mike is going to give me a call at the 3rd from last rest stop so that I know the schedule. When he's leaving the 2nd to last rest stop I'll leave the house so that I can get there in time to watch them cross the finish line.

Please, think if them today as they ride to help stomp out Childhood Cancer. It's a horrible disease and it's a horrible ride. Lots of crazy hills!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Wow what a great thing to be doing. I am so out of shape I wouldn't make it 50 ft. Thats why I ride horses, they do the work. I hope everything goes well, it is such a good cause...

Sunday, June 3, 2007 - Wow...
Posted by Anonymous
I stumblied across your blog while searching for information on different rides. I see you and your husband were inspired by the child with neuroblastoma. My son was diagnosed with that same cancer almost 5 years ago. Please pass his story along to them. We are always here to help and answer questions. Also, don't stop riding!!!

Jim and Kim Watts

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