Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One Fabulous Evening

On my way home from work tonight I called my Grandma to see if she wanted to go to dinner with my mom and I. You'd of thought the world was ending by the way she sounded. Then I told her I had a surprise for her. After we discussed her wardrobe and if she could go out in public with what she was wearing (Her comments, not mine) she agreed that I could come and get her.

Now, let's talk about "Little Old Lady Wear." She's always got these slip on shoes on her feet that were white about 12 years ago. They smell so bad (her words not mine) that they hang out in the windowsil most of the summer to "air out." She's got a pair of jean shorts and a white top on. I don't know what her hang up is with the denim shorts. We live in those, yet they're still "odd" to an 87 year old. She didn't think they could be worn in public. Then she tells me how she just bought a red and black pair of virtually the same shoe. So tell me this...why doesn't she wear those?? Well, she's saving them for "good." SIGH.

She lets me in and since her vision is bad I told her to turn on her brightest light and sit down. I handed her the binder that had the Singer 404 manual in it. She couldn't figure out what it was at first so I told her. The look on her face was priceless. Had I had self control and waited to give it to her, I would have loved for my mom to have seen her reaction. She just kept saying over and over how happy she was and then launched into these gut wrenching sobs. I thought, "Oh shit, what have I done?" because I couldn't tell at first if she was happy or sad. Finally she calmed down and began to pet her book. Then we looked at it page by page. Even if she's never able to read it, having it in the house and being able to touch it put her at ease. Then I explained the internet and "on-line" and how I found it. It took quite a bit of convincing to get her to realize that yes, it was FREE. Now she just thinks that I can find anything "on-line." She just cracks me up. Yes, it's italicized for a reason...that's the way she says it!

Then she shows me these two formerly long sleeved shirts that she's hacked (yes....unevenly hacked) off at the 3/4 sleeve area. One is really, really sheer. I just figured I better take that one over so when we got to my mom's I fixed her up pretty good. We didn't have a really great matching thread so first I rolled the hem, then I turned it up 1-1/2 inches and did a basting stitch. Then she wanted it up to be a cuff so I used the french knot stitch on my machine with lots of spaces in between. It's not really an ironable fabric so at least it will keep it where she wants it once it's washed. You can hardly see the french knots. Then I went back and pulled out the basting thread and the connector stitches for the french knots. She's going to try sewing the other top tomorrow.

Mom and I took her home and on the way back we stopped at Kohl's. I've always wanted one of those Zero Gravity chase lounge type chairs. I don't sit outside often, but when I do, I want to be comfortable. I like to read on the porch but our bistro table and chair set is so bloody uncomfortable for that. Anyway, these chairs are typically $119.00. I've been waiting for 3 years to find one on year end clearance and am always unsuccessful. Mike and I went clothes shopping the other night and we ended up with $30 in Kohl's cash to be used later in the week. I decided if the chairs were still on sale I'd buy one then. Sure enough, they were on sale for $49.99 and then I had the $30 so I spent $21 with tax. I am thrilled. My chair is just like the one below but mine is a Carribbean Blue color. It's soooo comfortable. In fact, it's a lovely night, I'll probably head out there in a bit with a book, my book light and a light quilt to read! Yes, I'm a nerd and I'm ok with that.

When I got home, Mike was telling me how a guy from First Line Security (A.K.A. The Cult) was parked in his parking space, AGAIN. This is becoming a daily thing. My satisfaction was printing up a sign that said, "This parking space is not for visitors or employees of First Line Security." I put it in a page protector and took it outside to staple it to the garage. If spelling it out doesn't work for them I don't know what will.

Oh I remembered a few more funny things. Those who know me know that I'm not a church go-er. Mike and I had to join a church in order to get married and we haven't been back since. In fact, the church we were to be married in was remodeling and at the last minute we had to find a different church to marry in that we could take our priest to. Not an easy task to only need use of a building. Needless to say, I've yet to see the inside of the remodeled church and I've been married 5-1/2 years. My Grandma actually lives a block from it. She was telling my mom and I how my Uncle took her there for Mother's Day. Telling us what it looked like (which is funny cause she can't see). I told her I'd like to see it, that I could take her to church some time but, "It was going to have to be on my terms. No 7am mass, no super dressy church clothes, not on a hot day, etc." You get the picture. Then she says to my mom, "You could come with us." I said, "No Grandma, if the two of us are in church together the roof will fall in."

Hmm, the other thing has already flown out of my brain. OH, my mom showed my Grandma a few quilts she's made. For the first time ever my Grandma didn't give it a disdainful, "OH." I was really excited. We've been joking for a while that mom and I will have to switch projects and show my Grandma each others work just to see if the reaction is different.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Anonymous (
Jen, Tears came to my eyes and I got goosebumps when I read
your blog about giving the Singer manual to your grandma.
What a special moment that was! What a special gift! God
is smiling down on you! Bless you, Jen!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
That just made me tear up! That is such a precious memory that you have...I'm like you, I get so excited, that I can't wait either. Love your chair, my mom has 4 of them, I keep threatening to steal one of them. They are very comfortable...

Whats so bad about being a nerd? :o) I read all of the time, with my booklight and glasses...Richard teases me, they are bifocals, but they don't have the line across them. And I even went and bought one of those "old lady chains" that you connect to your glasses to wear them around your neck, like a necklace. He really called me a nerd then, but it is so handy that way when sewing...

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Posted by 51050 (
I laughed when you talked about the old shoes. When we moved my parents here they lived with us for a month. My mom was wearing clothes we wore in high school. I'm 57 and I'm 5 years younger than my next sister! These things were rags!! I bought her some nice outfits, she tried them on and accepted some and rejected others. I could not get her to get rid of the old things. Some were so thin you could read the paper through them! I also cut and permed her hair. When we went back to Wis. for dad's funeral, one woman pulled me over and said that mom looked soooo good! I had picked out her clothes for the visitation and funeral. When she lived on her own, however, I had no say. It was a crap shoot what she would wear. She was 86 when she moved here. She would wear the skirt or pants from one outfit and a totally different unmatching jacket or sweater from another outfit! Sometimes I'd be embarrassed at what she wore when we went out to lunch. Not matching I could take, rags I couldn't. I always felt like people were thinking "why doesn't that woman go out and buy her mother some decent clothes!" Rhoda

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by lori (
Jen you are so entertaining ,love your grandma story .
Well I guess I am a nerd to ,I love to read ,I wear the glass's on a string and my night stand is overloaded with books .I just don't understand how people get by with out reading , I'd read a cereal box if I had nothing else .I consider myself in good company with the rest of you nerds :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 - Spending time with Family
Posted by MoneikQuilts (
Just love reading about the time you spend with your mom and grandma. I used to spend tons of time with mine too. My grandma passed away 2 years ago, so now it's just me and mom. We do a ton of things together including quilt club, sewing club, and quilt classes. Cherish the time with you family.

Moneik in SD

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