Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sunny Saturday

This was sure an absolutley beautiful day. It was sunny, there was a slight breeze, the temperature was around 75 degrees. It was georgeous outside. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Mom and I went to Bits & Pieces for our Moda-U Block of the Month this morning. I really like the looks of this months block. I can't wait to get it made. It's super simple, but the way it gets layed out is what sets it off. I think I'd like to use this square for a few baby quilts. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I have about 3 of them to make for Fall. It's funny how they always seem to run in spurts. Our BOM meeting was pretty funny. Everyone was talking about buying fabric in the old days and the stores they used to buy it at. Also talked about old eateries that are no longer in town. I love conversations like that. Even if I don't remember the things, I feel like I do because I've heard about them so often.

I bought the 2 border fabrics and the binding for my Moda Chocolat, Turning Twenty Again quilt that will be our fall/winter bed quilt. It will be nice to finish that up but at the same time I'm dreading finishing it. I don't know where I'm going to baste this sucker.

We discussed Homespun Creations our one local quilt store that ditched us for the Project Linus meeting and although I've been stopping in there daily to see if they're open or not or if they've posted something about unexpectedly being closed I somehow missed the one day that they were open. Mom and I drove over there this afternoon just to see what was going on. They were open. They didn't have much that was new. Mom and I each picked out a bunch of Split Rail Fence kits from our Project Linus box to make over the summer. I asked Sandy if they had new hours. She would NOT make eye contact with me. It took everything in me to not ask what the heck happened on Monday. I just don't like confrontation. I never have and I never will. She just rattled off the new hours, I paid for my purchase and we were off. Get this, the new hours are Wednesday from 10-5:30, Friday from 10-5:30 and Saturday from 10-4. How exactly do you figure to make a go of a quilt store when you're only open 3 days per week??

When Mom and I got back to her house she started digging in her stash for something. Next thing I knew, I was challenging her to dig out all of her unfinished quilts so we could take pictures of them. She's got this crazy patriotic quilt that I swear she had to be on drugs when she made it or something. There's an awful lot going on. We always joke that she should finish it off and donate it to the Channel 10 auction just so we can watch and see what if anything it goes for. It really looks like the 4th of July threw up. We've laughed about this quilt for years. I can't wait until she posts the picture of it. So we shot pictures of hers and then tonight we shot pictures of mine. Look for them in the upcoming days.

This afternoon Mike and I went to my co-workers House Warming Party. Phil and his wife Crystal just moved about 4 miles west of where we work. He'll be able to drop off his daughter at the high school and his son at the elementary school both on his way to work in the morning. He'll never have to leave the main road except to zip in and out of parking lots. Their new house is soooo nice! Their yard is absolutley huge, both front and back. Sooo many trees. He'll be raking for weeks. They set up a pool, the house came with a hot tub, they have a few patio tables with umbrellas and they have one of those big trampolines. And NOTHING is near each other. It's awesome. They sure found a great house and lot.

When we got home I was just restless. First I was going to sit on the porch in my cool chair with an audio book and my yo-yo's. Well, the mp3 player that my audio books are on had a dead battery. I made 2 yo-yo's and just wasn't into it. Then I just sat there for a while enjoying the breeze. I tried calling my mom like a million times to see what she was doing and she never picked up. Finally she called back. Turns out she was home the whole time, she just had some music up and was playing on the computer and never heard her cell phone.

Holly and I headed over there. Next thing I knew I was making a Nickita bag. It's one of the Lazy Girl Designs patterns. I decided I needed a bag a little nicer than my zip lock to carry my yo-yo maker, fabric, thread, needles and scissors. It's pretty cute. Mom is making fun of me because I own a yo-yo maker and I needed to make a bag for them. I LOVE this bag. I already did the free motion quilting on another piece so I'll make the 2nd bag tomorrow. I think it would be great for my sewing notions that I take between our house and my mom's. I think one would also be great to carry my thread back and forth in.


Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps (
You make the best bags!!! That will be great for your yo-yos. Can't wist to see your moms fourth of july quilt :0)

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
sounds like you had a busy day. You are amazing with your bags, they are very handy to have. I am so jealous...

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