Monday, July 9, 2007

Fabric Postcards

Earlier last week I got another Fabric Post Card in the Mail. This time from Michele. This was her very first fabric post card.

I received an email today along with 6 others regarding this swap from the swap moderator. Turns out someone in my group is MAD that she hasn't gotten post cards from the others in her groups yet and is threatening to never swap again. I tell you what, they're due July 15th, I really thought it was the 30th. Regardless, I WAS planning on working on them tonight before I even got this email. Now, I feel like I've had my hand spanked by the principal and that I'm 6 years old. I could see sending an email AFTER the deadline but BEFORE? Come on. I guess I've been reminded as to why I don't typically enjoy doing swaps. This was supposed to be fun and now I really don't even want to finish hers. I'll have a lot of fun making the others but my gosh, I'll never join another swap after this petty experience. I think I'd rather just swap with people that I know in real life or that I've become friends with through the internet.

I think what really irks me is the fact that it's a week before the deadline AND that she sent an email to the moderator with threats instead of just emailing her group and saying that she was concerned that they were lost in the mail or something. I'm glad that she got hers out as quick as she did. I DID work on mine that same weekend and intended to have them out right away but I had problems with the one angle that I was trying to do. I got frustrated and it took me a while to even WANT to work on them again. I feel like sending her one of my screwed up ones! that would be stooping to her level and she'd probably tattle to the moderator on me.

As much as I enjoy this particular group because of the special patterns and such that we receive, I have been thinking for quite some time of stopping all mail from the group but staying on for the patterns. It's a nice group but we're not allowed to talk about anything but paper piecing and if anyone asks a question they're usually just directed to a book anyway. This group is wayyyyy too strictly on topic for me and I just don't seem to be enjoying it...especially after this post card crap. Might I also mention that when I first joined I was trying to post a few messages here and there...all messages must be moderated because I bet only 2-3 of my messages ever went through. I'd blame Yahoo but I didn't have this problem with any of my other groups at the time.

Man, I'm more disgruntled tonight than I thought! I'm off to work on my D(*^&%^*&^&(*& post cards now! However, I WILL enjoy making them for the rest of my group and those on my "hit list." Except of course for my friend Michelle in Iowa...I couldn't find her address today to save my life! So, darn it Michelle, send me your address when you get back from your trip!


Monday, July 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
Michelle's postcard is just beautiful. Love the purples...I don't blame you for being a little ticked off, some people can be very childish...I would make her an UGLY one :o) Kristie

Monday, July 9, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by lori (
I think I know the group you are referring to ,I kind of got fed up with it to . There has to be one in every crowd ,don't let her spoil your fun ,enjoy making the post cards and ignore her .

Monday, July 9, 2007 - I feel your pain!
Posted by MoneikQuilts (
I know just how you feel Jen. I've been working on mine for a few days. I went to fill them all out and realized two people wanted a specific thing on theirs. I really enjoy getting them, but sometimes I get irritated with such specific guidelines. Can't we just make something for each other and enjoy what is made? So I started these two with specifics tonight and we had a lightning storm, so had to unplug my machine and wait. I could rant for a while, but I think you know my pain. Don't let a few spoil the fun. The moderator almost ran me off last time, but I didn't let that happen this time. I enjoy getting the postcards.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover (
That's why I left the group, it didn't seem that friendly. I belong to other group that are really chatty. It's not Yahoo some of my messages never got to the group either, I think it was because they didn't worship 'the leader' in the correct manner. As for having a go because she hadn't recieved anything that's just down right rude and the moderater had no right to pass it on. I think the female ( can't call ner a lady) needs to be told to get a life. I'm in a RR and some of those are coming through late but I understand that life happens and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to sew all day every day. love and hugs gina xxx

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050 (
There are jerks all over. Rhoda

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