Monday, July 2, 2007

Freaking Fracking Cleaning

Mike and I had off of work today. We ran some errands, went for a walk on the new bike path and then when we got home I sat down to read and next thing I knew it was 3 hours later. I fell asleep. I don't know what it is latley, all I want to do is sleep, and for hours at a time.

My mom came over for dinner and then it was decided that we clean my sewing area to make room for my new table. Well, this launched a huge, ridiculous project. I hate to clean, I hate to straighten. Now my back hurts. I had to re-organize the storage tubs in our spare room. I took out all my fabric ones and we moved all the fabric that I've been accumulating from my quilting area and into my tubs. We also pulled out all my scraps that have been accumulating and sorted them into their color zip lock bags. Went through my UFO tubs. The only UFO in the tub that was mine is a log cabin quilt. There's UFO's of my Grandma's when I was given all of her sewing stuff and there were 2 of my mom's including a chunk of fabric for backing and about 2 yards of a green flannel. When my mom goes on purging binges of her sewing cabinet there usually are some odd casulties. These two UFO's were part of that. I rescued them thinking one day I would finish them or maybe she'd change her mind and want them back. Well, guess what left with her tonight? Her two UFO's the backing, the flannel and MY log cabin UFO!! HA HA. I then put all of my work in progress quilt tops in this bin. Not to give up on them but to take them out of my limited sewing area. So now the "office" is straightened, my quilting area is straightened, my kitchen table is actually cleaned off. My small sewing table is now in the dining room, my large sewing table is now to the side of my area and set up with my cutting board and my ironing pad and my area is all nice and clean and ready for my table to arrive tomorrow. On the other hand, I now have piles of odd stuff on the couch and a few places on the floor that I need to find homes for. I really should be doing that but I needed a break.

Tomorrow morning Mike is going in to have a laser vein surgery done on one of his legs to remove his vericose veins. I'm not good with blood, guts and gore so they have been instructed not to tell me anything. I went with him once to have his wisdom teeth removed, the dentist was warned of my "problem" yet her proceeded to tell me anyway and made me faint. We almost had to call someone else to come and get us.

Anyway, he had to be done eating by midnight so in the middle of all this he wanted to go out for ice cream. We drove over to McDonalds and waited in this huge drive through line. To get up to order only to be told they were all out of meat. Uhh, that's not what we want. We want ice cream cones. The irritated voice on the other side informed us that they clean that machine out every other monday and this was the monday. Ok. So we drive over to Crack Rock Creamery (Cold Stone Creamery) and they closed 2 minutes earlier. Up to the other McDonald's we go on National because well they have twist cones. We order twist cones and are told they don't have them anymore. Ok fine, just give us what you've got. We pull around to pay and the girls were pleasant but informed us that, "The machine that did the chocolate broke and it was REALLY OLD like from 1980 and they couldn't get parts for it anymore." Wow, I guess to them that's really old because I doubt either of them were even born yet. No, I bet their parents hadn't even met yet.

So on our way home, I'm asking Mike all the standard, "pre-surgery" questions. To me these are normal because it's the list my mom always runs down. All I did was irritate the living heck out of him so I stopped my line of questioning. What's your blood type? I don't know, red. Rattled off his social security number, yeah, I guess that sounds right. Wanted to verify his blood pressure medication and dosage and then I could tell he had had it with me and that was the end of my questions. I didn't get to ask the standard, If something goes wrong, what do you want me to do? Didn't get to verify that he wants his body fully in tact and buried should some freak thing happen. Didn't get to ask anything. I guess I'm just used to my morbid mother rattling this stuff off like it's telling me what she had to eat yesterday.

I suppose I should go. I really have to finish cleaning up my mess. Then to bed because I have to get up at the god awful time of 4:30 am. That's just not civilized in my world.

Huh, I wonder if he'll let me take a "pre surgery" picture of his leg. That might be pushing it.

Monday, July 2, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
First off, I can't believe that is all of the UFO's that you have! I probably have close to 50. I'll sent some your way. :o) I bet you are so excited about getting your new table, I would be. Hope everything goes okay with Mikes surgery, keep us posted. Richard is funny about stuff like that too, he calls me his "little drama queen" I always think the worst. He is the opposite, doesn't enter his mind until something happens. Kristie

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - UFO
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I did not even know what a UFO was until joining this blog. It wasnt until reading all the blogs and trying to catch up on everyone did I realize what it was. I am sure I have many UFO's so hopefully you guys will motivate me to finish them. But I have to laugh at your relationship with your mom. Mine is the same! My mom taught me everything I know about quilting and she is the one passed on the desire and passion. She comes to dinner regularly and we often discuss ideas for the next project and I use her input. She has an eye for color! Hope your husband's surgery goes well tomorrow, my 16 yo son recently had a bone tumor removed from the side of his knee and that was an ordeal. For 4 weeks we did know if it was malignant or not. Luckily everything was clean and he is playing lacrosse again. Goodluck. StephanieEdited by born2quilt on Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 12:06 AM

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Jen, if it makes you feel better, I will be awake at 4:30am also. My alarm goes off Monday through Thursday at 4:30.I DON'T like it, but if I want a paycheck, I have to get up with the 'early bird'. I will say a prayer for both of you. Make sure you take your yo yo's to keep you busy, and I'll be waiting to hear all is well. I know you hated cleaning, but I bet it makes you feel good it is all ready for your table! Thanks for sharing.l love reading your blog! Take care! Michelle

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050 (
Mike's pretty young to be having vein problems! Hope everything turns out all right. I know you hate cleaning, but isn't it nice to have the area all ready to go? I get into that mood occasionally and want everything organized again. Rhoda

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 - pre-surgery pic
Posted by goldencomet (
I loved reading your blog entry today! I also hate to do the sorting and cleaning that is necessary in the sewing room ( which is actually the spare bedroom)!! The line I loved best was your comment about taking a pre-surgery picture of your hubby's leg!! I can so identify with that - I love pre and post pics!!! Hope all goes well.

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