Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harvest Spice

This Harvest Spice quilt was supposed to have been done as a Block of the Month at the Quilting Bee shop. Two months after we started they announced they were closing and we had to really ramp up the process. Let me tell you, this is not my favorite quilt. I like the blocks but really don't like the colors. I can never see myself using this quilt. It also has a really wide pre-printed border that goes with it. I don't know if I'd like it better with or without the border.

Last year when this quilt was starting I was looking for a block of the month that my mom and I could join. Everywhere else was in the process of theirs so when I found this one I signed us up. I never thought to ask about the cost. So ok, we walk in and know right off the bat that the class portion is $40. Ok, no problem after all that's for a year. We get handed our fabric bundles and go to check out. My mom and I almost fell over right there. $160 for this top and we were still going to need to buy binding and backing and neither of us were that thrilled with the colors. We should have just left the store right then without the fabric and just never went back. I STILL feel bad that I signed us up for this thing. She'll probably leave hers to me in her will and say if I don't use it she'll haunt me or something! She'll probably put a vex on my sewing machine.

It wasn't the easiest quilt to put together. The blocks were easy enough but the pre-printed fabric for the centers of the blocks wasn't printed to the right size even though it was printed for the patterns. The fabric itself was a really loose weave and shredded horribly. It was constantly getting sucked down into the throat plate of our machines and just overall shredded as we worked with it. When we went to put it on point, the setting triangles didn't fall in the righ place on the blocks. There's just no good that came out of this quilt. The blocks have stretched horribly and a lot of the points got lopped off in the process of fitting it all together.

So, here it is in all it's ugly glory.

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip (
Gee what a great idea, thanks Jen. Now I'll have to put it in writing in my will that you get MY Harvest Spice Quilt. Mine has the borders on and let me tell you they don't help the appearance at all. Pretty quilt squares until we had to put them together. Something Jen forgot to mention was we each bought the stack of fabric for it at $160 each and in the end we cut BOTH quilts out of one stack of fabric. Then one night when she couldn't go they showed us the border fabric and said we needed to buy it before it was gone so I bought each of us the borders only to find out later it was in the kit.

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Wow know wonder the store closed down I really don't mind the quilt but I would have felt very used and abused if they had done that to me .Oh well lades chuck it up to experience I bet now you make sure of the cost and quality .Reminds me of the first teacher I had she took us all to a little quilt store and advised us what to buy to do a lap quilt ,I sure didn't know any different trusted her completely because I really want to learn and she was a such nice lady .Sure 320.00 for a lousy lap quilt LOL One item that always stuck out ,was a package of appliqué pins 10.99 You can buy them anywhere in Canada for 4.50 ,worse yet she never taught appliqué LOL

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Posted by Anonymous (
Name it the worst experience but you have to admit that you have learned a lot from this. I like the quilt but gee the owners really did not do their homework well.
I will keep it and use it at a show and tell as a sample of how to repair others wrong doings.All in all love the quilt it looks great.sewsue

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps (
Oh my Gosh! Was the first thing out of my mouth. I think it's beautiful! Sorry you ended up getting too much fabric. I'm vey leary of quilt kits any more as I've been nurnt on them twice. Oh, and only bought two!

Sunday, June 24, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
Sorry, but I really like this quilt. Even though I would have had a heart attack for paying 160, I am cheap!

Monday, June 25, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by orchidlover (
Can you find someone to give it to or get it auctioned off for charity. You might feel better about it then.

Monday, June 25, 2007 - pretty
Posted by ninepatchrose (
I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with this quilt. It's no fun to work on a quilt you don't like, but I think it is beautiful! I like the blocks the best. Their shapes are really appealing to me. Good job for sticking with it! We're proud of you.

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