Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's about time I quit procrastinating!!

I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and make a baby quilt. One of my co-workers is having a baby and we planned the shower about two weeks ago for next week Thursday. I bought the fabric on the 5th of July and have done nothing but stare at the pattern and decide I liked the block but not the way it was put together. In the end, I spent more time trying to come up with a better way than it took me to cut and sew the quilt top according to the pattern.

This pattern goes by the name of Carpenter's Wheel and is from the book, "Sew One And You're Done" by Evelyn Sloppy. The idea behind this book is to take one quilt block in a much larger form but get it made quickly. She wrote it for people who make charity quilts. Each section is 5" finished. To me, that's ginormous.

Ginormous by the way is now a new word in the dictionary. I used it a while back and my friend Zack informed me that it wasn't a word. He called me today to tell me that he heard his son use ginormous and told him too that it wasn't a word. Low in behold, Zack read an article today that announced that Ginormous is now a real word in the dictionary. HA HA!! Laughing with me about it was one thing but now he got to go home and tell his kid that he was right!

It's supposed to have a triangle-ish pieced border but it was getting too late for me to think about how the triangles had to be lined up when I sewed them to get the seam allowances right so I scrapped that idea and went for a straight border. The quilt measures 46" X 46".

They're having a girl. I didn't want to go with pink and yellow because what if they're just not pink people or what if it turns out to be a boy? The purple fabric has little dragon flies. The green fabric has white flowers with pink centers. Tomorrow night I'll get it layered up and ready for quilting.

I need help with:

  1. What color thread should I quilt with? I'm going to do an all over stipple.
  2. Should the binding be purple or green? I'd like to stay away from a white binding since it's for a baby who will drag it on the ground.

In addition to the stippling on the top, I'm going to use a Quilting Made Easy pattern for in the border. Not sure which one I'll use. I have a few open rolls. Hopefully I'll have enough left on one of them to make it all the way around.

The other day I mentioned getting a post card from Cathy in the mail. I finally remembered to take a picture of it. I really like how she used decorative stitches to "quilt" it.

My husband the smart ass told me that I should add a daily section on my blog of things that have bugged the crap out of me each day. He suggested 5, so honey this section is for you. There were some funnier ones but it's now 1:30am and I'm just tired and no longer feeling funny.

  1. It pissed me off when I couldn't get my Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince audio book to transfer onto my MP3 Player properly. I still can't get it on wants to put all the chapters out of order.
  2. My needle breaking when I was trying to do some decorative stitching JUST to make my stitch chart really pissed me off.
  3. The Garage that my mom was getting her car fixed at where my number was just left as a "in case you can't get ahold of me" turned into the number they called first. I didn't know my phone even HAD a voicemail setting that lets people "page" you with a phone number instead of them leaving a message. I had FOUR of those today from them and a call at 1:30 that I didn't see because my phone was on SILENT telling me that "MY" car was done.
  4. Did I feel bad when I pegged you in the head with my chapstick when you were making fun of me for an hour straight, NO. NO I DIDN'T. At least it shut you up finally.
  5. The one time that I forget my cell phone at home and you call it 5 times just to be funny because you want to know if I want chicken or not...CRAM IT. You KNOW that I want chicken. Even if I didn't want chicken and wanted something else instead, YOU KNOW I WOULD HAVE STILL EATEN IT. As long as it's not a food that I'm allergic to, I could give a $hit what it is, I'm still gonna eat it. What we have for dinner is not important to me. It never has been, it never will be. In the 10 years we've known each other I haven't cared what the food is, as long as it's food...why do you think this is going to change? That would be like me thinking you're going to not spend an eternity in the bathroom with the sports page every time I turn around. I mean really...DUH!!

Stay tuned for tomorrows "Things that Bugged the Crap out of Me."

By the way. I did ask Mike if since he was on a roll if he just wanted to be a guest blogger and list all the stupid stuff I had said all night himself, and he turned me down.

Hrmph. I guess I AM a middle finger after all....

On that note....goodnight!

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by MoneikQuilts
You're keeping me rolling on the floor with laughter. Sounds like you had the kind of day I had on Tues. Paul's mom told me to go to bed and wake up on the other side. I guess I just had a bad day. Keep smilin. Moneik

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
You are just tooooo funny! I love the baby quilt, I have often thought about buying that book. I really like that pattern, I looks just like the "dutch rose" that I made the other day, except for the center and of course it is larger. Beautiful...How long did it take you to put that together?

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by lori
I like the quilt I did one awhile ago I belive the pattern is on quilters cashe under 24" blocks .I think I find you so amusing because you sound so much like myself .I had to move my sewing room to the basement so my hubby won't hear the bad words LOL

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - LOVE the quilt!
Posted by mamanance
Jen, I love this quilt - it is definitely on my to-do list. I'd go with the green binding, but you have probably already finished it by now!

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