Friday, July 6, 2007

Notion Deals Online

I try to by things at my local quilt stores as much as possible but there are times that online deals are wonderful to find. I typically buy sewing machine needles and rotary cutter blades in bulk. I usually make a purchase once every year or so. The funny thing is that I become the "store" for a few friends. I don't mind one bit! I like to pass along my deals.

It started out with checking on e-bay. Over the years I've found two sellers that I like to purchase from. Sewing Supply Company who goes by the e-bay id of Dafent. From this store I buy my needles. I can get 50 Organ brand needles for $15.50 (including shipping) which works out to $0.31 each. I like to have them on hand and not run out. Also, having needles this inexpensive makes me change them more often. Most of us go through life with expensive machines and then sew with the same needle until it breaks. I've found that changing needles more often and using the correct needle for the job actually DOES make a difference. The other is J Hittle Sewing who goes by the e-bay id of sewsupplies. From this store I usually pick up my rotary blades. I can pick up a 10 pack of rotary blades for $12.40. Rotary blades is another thing that I used to have a hard time pulling out a new blade. They were just so expensive in the store even with a coupon. For blades that cheap, I don't feel so bad about tossing a blade that has a nick in it or turning that blade into a paper piecing blade. New blades really do save a lot of the day to day fact, I'm amazed each time I put a new blade in. J Hittle also has a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to. There are always lots of deals to be found if you're in the market for certain notions. You just have to wait and see. I subscribed to the Wholesale prices newsletter and I've never had a problem ordering off of it.

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Trina (
Thanks for the info!! I'll check those ebay sellers out!

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
I will defiantely be checking these sellers out. Especially on the rotary blades. They are expensive to buy and I am cheap. A couple of years ago, I was cutting with a dull blade and had to put alot of pressure on it and actually broke 2 tiny bones in my hand. The doctor said it was just a freak accident with the way I was putting pressure on my hand, but I can't help to think that if I had changed my blade to a sharp one, then I wouldn't have broke my hand. My family still teases me about it. It was really embarrassing.

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Good Prices
Posted by quilterinparadise (
WOW,,,, if you are saving that much on needles and blades,,, I'm going to have to check them out! I bought blades last week or so and got 5 for $12 or a little more,,, and that was with the 1/2 off coupon...
thanks for the tip...

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Posted by 51050 (
You mentioned this before, Jen, and I looked online for rotary blades. I got 5 for under $8. That wasn't as cheap as yours, but it still beats $25 in the store! I will continue to look for those online. I have to check out those websites. Rhoda

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