Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tonight was a fantastic adventure!

As I mentioned earlier we went took my Aunt Kitty fabric shopping. There we were in Jo-Ann's, my Grandma, my Aunt Kitty, my Mom and I. Kitty picked out a really pretty Donna Dewberry print. It's pale green with Pink and Purple butterflies on it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it…turns out I made myself a pair of flannel PJ pants out of the same fabric! With that she paired a marble purple and a small floral pink. She also picked up her batting as well as a purple flannel for the back of a printed panel that my Grandma gave her. Before we left for the store I cut all my Jo-Ann coupons out. Rotary supplies weren't on sale so I was able to throw a 40% off coupon her way for her Mat, Ruler and Cutter set.

As we left we were deciding who was going to take my Grandma home. She came with Kitty but we live closer to her so it made more sense for us to take her. Until I came up with the idea that we could all go back and we could teach Kitty to use her rotary cutter. I'm happy to say she took to rotary cutting quite well. I showed her my rotary cutting battle scars and how to hold the ruler so that you keep your hands far, far away from it. I think she was very surprised as how easy rotary cutting was and had her whole quilt cut out including the borders and binding in less than a half hour.

Now that her strips are all cut she's going to start sewing them together tomorrow. We're going to have a little family sewing bee on Saturday with the four of us. I bet by the end of our session her whole quilt top is put together and ready to be basted and quilted!

Earlier in the week I found that Schmetz sells Handicap Self -Threading Sewing Machine needles. There is a slot on the right side of the eye of the needle. I ordered 2 packs for my Grandma and tonight I showed her how to use them. She's so thrilled to be sewing again. Now she just has to get used to threading them.

Both my Aunt Kitty and my Grandma were already getting ideas for their next projects. Kitty has all kinds of baby things in mind. Curtains and bumper pads for the baby's room and my Grandma has it in her head that she's going to make a Lover's Knot quilt. Boy oh Grandma doesn't wade in slowly does she? Making a Lover's Knot with her is going to be quite the challenge!!!

While at Jo-Ann's I picked up the muslin backing for the baby quilt and some Sulky threads to do my quilting on that top. I got a matching lime green, purple and an off white. At the last minute I picked up a variegated thread that goes from off white to lime green. I wasn't sure if I would use it or not but it looked sooo pretty. I also picked up the Lazy Girl Designs Duffel bag pattern. I need another pattern like I need a hole in my head but I just LOVE those patterns so I couldn't resist.

When I got home I basted the baby quilt and got ready to stipple. At the very last moment I changed my spool of thread from the off white to the lime variegated. I'm so glad I did. Unless you're right on top of the quilt you barely even notice that the thread goes to lime green. It's quite nice.

I had a small snafu while I was stippling. A few weeks back I purchased a closed toe darning foot for my machine. It came with an open toe one and I always felt like that opening was getting caught on things. I've only used the closed toe one a few times but I really was liking it. I'm stippling along and my foot fell apart!! It's not like anything hits it, there's no stress where it fell apart. It had to have been defective from the get go. I'm going to have Mike glue it because he has more patience than I do. So I switched over to the other one and finished it up. I swear, I could stipple all day long and be a happy camper. Here are some pictures of the stippling:

I think this weekend will be all about quilting borders and binding quilts. It would be just wonderful if I can bind all 9 of the Project Linus quilts, quilt the border and add the binding on the baby quilt and quilt the borders and add the binding on my Pineapple quilt. Of course this will have to co-mingle with my Harry Potter reading!

The things that pissed me off today:

  1. The binding issue that I posted about earlier.
  2. Customers at work that call in and are just plain out and out mean.
  3. The idiots in my mom's EX-Red Hat group.
  4. The clerk at Jo-Ann's who in a condescending voice said, "You know this is expensive thread right?"

Friday, July 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Sounds like your trip was a success! There is nothing like teaching someone to quilt and getting to watch how excited that they get. I hope you post photos of her first quilt. Your stippling is beautiful. Your work looks so perfect.

Friday, July 20, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by 51050
yep, you've got the stippling down. I still feel slightly retarded when I'm doing it. There are places where the stitches are quite long, and places where the stitches are quite short. I figure if people want to be really picky they can either not look at it or try it themselves. Rhoda

Saturday, July 21, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by scissorhandscps
Ooooohhhhh Jen! That is beautiful!!!! Your stippling is awesome! I'm the same way, I could stipple all day long too :0) The quilt that will be on the show is just stippled with some ditch quilting. Sometimes, depending on the design, it just makes for a nice finish. Not too distracting. I know what you mean about Jo-Ann's. It must be a requirment for the job to be snotty and rude. Ours is that way and so is the one down by my mom's. It's really sad because I love to shop there but their help is terrible! Work realted, It ticks me off when a client calls me at 8:00 this morning wanting to get his cat in today!!!! On my day off!!!! I was in bed reading Harry Potter for crying out loud! Then he asked about SUNDAY!!!!!! What nerve!!!! Good luck today at you sew along. you are Sooooooo fortunate! Relish it :0) Tell your mom I said "hi".

Sunday, July 22, 2007 - Blogging
Posted by Anonymous
Well Jen, I tried twice to join the quilt blog. Twice I have not received a confirmation email, so I guess I'll just go cry BIG crocodile tears and
feel sorry for myself. Hope you had a wonderful day. Michelle

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