Thursday, July 5, 2007

What a Day

I really didn't get as much done today as I intended. I didn't sleep very well. I've been sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room to give Mike and his leg more room and to make sure Holly doesn't hurt him accidentially. I was up early and met my dear friend Ruth and her son Aidan for lunch and a trip to JoAnn Fabrics. We had so much fun. For a 13 month old boy to stay entertained in a fabric store and never cry is a feat in itself. He did so well. Ruth picked up fabric for her Twin Brother's baby which will be born in November. I picked up fabric for a baby quilt for a guy that I work with and fabric for Ruth's baby that is due in October. I'm going to make the quilts out of the book, "Sew one and you're done" by Evelyn Sloppy. I bought the book not to make "quick" quilts so much as I didn't want to have to figure out math for simple baby quilts. However, after looking at some of the designs I've found easier ways to make them. I spent some time tonight writing up how many half square triangles I need from different color combinations. I'll print them out from my triangulations software and sewing will be a breeze. There are quite a few flying geese that I changed from geese to half square triangles. My favorite method of geese is to sew the square connectors on, sew down the middle and then iron them back. But with geese that need to finish 5" x 10", that's a lot of fabric to be wasting on the connectors so I changed them out to the 1/2 square triangles instead. I also changed her method of making the border. I guess, so much for using the book right? Oh well. I figured making the quilts my way would make it more "me" and then I could stipple away and hopefully get better for when it's time to stipple on a larger quilt. We had lunch at the Olive Garden indulging in Soup, Salad and breadsticks. Lots and Lots of breadsticks!

By the time I got home I was exhausted. Not so much from my shopping and lunch, but from the night before. I laid on the bed to read my book and I fell asleep. Next thing I knew it was 7pm. So much for my vacation day!

Mike and I ate left over lasagna and then I settled in to work on quilting my Pineapple quilt. I got 1/4 of the white parts quilted. I'll work on another 1/4 tonight. I figure by the end of the weekend I'll have the top quilted and then I can start on quilting the borders. Boy...there will be a LOT of threads to snip off of this quilt. I really don't know why I just don't do them right as they occur but I don't. It's too much of a pain with my gloves on. I was throwing that quilt all over and having my machine in my sewing table made SUCH a difference. It's amazing...all the quilting I'm doing on this quilt really doesn't show up. It DOES look different from a few feet away but the quilting really, really blends in. I don't even know if it will show up all too well when I take an upclose picture. Maybe I'm spending too much time staring at it and not enough time quilting it!

I'm so glad that Kristie found the error in one of my mom's blocks. I'll get that ripped and fixed up tomorrow and then I'll re-post it.

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
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I don't snip strings until I'm done, either. It seems like too much of an interruption at the time. Rhoda
Friday, July 6, 2007 - Untitled Comment
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Sounds like you are so tired. I hope you get rested up before you have to return to work...Can't wait to see you pineapple quilt finished. I really love that pattern, but it looks complicated to me. Kristie

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