Thursday, July 19, 2007

While working on my list...

I came home tonight to lay out my purple and lime baby quilt to get it basted. I decided it would just be easier to buy a 60" wide piece of muslin for the back so that I don't have to worry about piecing a back. Yes, I'm a quilter...we piece...but life's too short to piece batting if you don't have to. Since I'm going to Jo-Ann's tonight I figure I'll pick it up then. So, I decided to cut and sew the binding...and while I was sewing binding, I might as well check my bag of 9 Project Linus Quilts that need binding to make sure those are all done.

Let me first state that what I am about to say is in no way a reflection of our group leader Kelly. Kelly does an amazing job keeping us organized. This is just reflected to those who don't sew their bindings together yet hand their quilt tops in as complete anyway.

The way our Project Linus group works currently is that everyone sews tops and puts the borders on and you're supposed to sew the binding strips together and iron them in half. You're supposed to turn your top in with the binding that is ready to go. The quilts then go to a long arm quilter who is donating her time for two years. In this process the bindings do get separated from the quilts which shouldn't be a big deal. The quilts then come back to the group and everyone is supposed to help out putting the bindings on. At our last meeting that was cancelled I offered to take a bag of quilts and put the bindings I've got 9 to do. No biggie right? Well I just went through the bag to find out that all 9 need their bindings sewn and ironed before I can even proceed. Ok fine, some people are lazy. I can deal with that. What really just irked the crap out of me is that TWO of the quilts in this bag are quilts that I know I turned in with finished bindings...exactly where are those finished bindings now????

I realize there is no easy way to keep the tops with the bindings with the amount of tops that go back and forth from the group to the quilter and back to the group again. But I have to admit I find it really frustrating to have finished all the bindings for the tops I have made so far and now have to finish the bindings for those that are too lazy to finish them or find sewing bindings to be beneath them. I like sewing binding on by machine, sewing on the bindings to finish the quilts is not the issue here.

I don't like to turn in work unfinished but I really think that's the way it's going to happen from now on. Why should I finish my bindings only to get quilts back with them unfinished and have to do them again? If everyone is supposed to be attaching bindings my guess is that these same ladies who don't sew theirs are getting my nice, neat finished ones back. I'm doing more than enough of my share with the amount of tops and binding kits that I turn out.

Is it really too much to do what is asked of you when you participate in a group like this?

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
It sounds like someone is having fun using your finished bindings...Have fun at Joann's tonight. I was talking to Richard a little bit ago, trying to get him to take me to Joann's in a few weeks. Joann's is almost 2 hours away from here, and I just get too nervous driving on THAT interstate. He drives for a living so, he said he would take me whenever I decided to go... :o) he is such a sweetie...

Thursday, July 19, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by MoneikQuilts
I would be irked too! I don't mind putting binding on by machine especially if it's ready to go. Have fun at Joann's! We don't have one so any time I get to Sioux Falls I always want to go. But its 5 hours away! I think I'll stop at Hancocks on my way to Sew and Sews tonight. They have all Pellon on sale for 40% off, plus my 10% guild discount and it makes #72 only $4 a yard instead of 8! Gotta love making postcards, but normal price make it spendy!

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