Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another round at Zoo Ala Carte

My mom and I rushed out of our BOM meeting to get to the Zoo. Her company was having their company picnic there. We had to be there between 10:30 and 11 for door prizes. My mom won a Quesadilla Maker so I have a feeling Quesadilla’s are in our future.

It was a lot cooler and damper, and windier than either one of us had anticipated. First things first we ended up in the gift shop to buy sweatshirts. We really didn’t eat very much; mainly because of the weather. I had a slice of Raspberry Cheesecake, we each had bacon wrapped water chestnuts, I had a shrimp skewer and we each had a bottle of Gatorade. Between the Cheesecake and the Water Chestnuts it started to rain. Of course, my umbrella and our rain ponchos were in the trunk. We still carried on until the rain began to come down harder and harder. In the end we were going to go on a train ride but I wasn’t about to stand in line, in the rain when there was a bunch of people undercover taking up tons of space with their strollers. We can go back to the zoo one day when it’s not raining. I have a zoo membership so we get free admission and free parking.

My mom and I did have this fantastic picture taken of us:

On our way back from the zoo I decided that we should stop at another AT&T store to see if they carried the Pink Cell phone that I wanted. They didn’t so we went to check out the original store. The saleswoman at the store told us that I was originally misled and they weren’t going to be getting more pink phones in as they were phasing out that model. We opted for a Nokia phone that offered a buy one, get up to two free deal. Since all three of us were able to upgrade we went for it. Mike wasn’t too happy that I made him come over to the store but it really didn’t make sense for just my mom and I to upgrade if we could get 2 of our 3 phones free. Oh well, such is life. He claims he’s only going to give the new phone a 1 week chance and then switch over to his old one. If he does, he’ll probably just do it out of spite…spite of who I’m not quite sure. Of course we’ve had to do a lot to get them set up but it’s worth it in the end. I really don’t use my home phone and like I’ve said before; I’m a gadget girl. We have a one month subscription to the internet through our phone. WOW, that’s going to be really hard to give up. It’s nice to be able to read emails and blogs on the run. Of course; it’s a pain to reply to messages so if anyone gets a 3 word reply to something you know why!!

I downloaded a few ring tones. I know, some people think that’s dumb but when you have a phone for 2 years, you might as well have what you like to hear. I like to assign specific ring tones to certain people so that I know who it is when they call. My mom’s is Margarita Ville by Jimmy Buffet. Holly knows it too! Yes, I can look on my phone and see who it is from the caller id but if I hear her song I know I don’t have to just about kill myself running for the phone. I can just pick up a house phone and call her back. If she calls while I’m on the way to her house I don’t have to dig into my purse just to answer the phone if I know it’s her. I just walk in her door 10 seconds later. Mike was always Bicycle Race by Queen because we like to ride our Trek Bikes. For whatever reason I can’t get that tone to download on my new phone. Until I figure out how to make it work he’s currently Tommy Tutone’s, “867-5309 Jenny,” which is a ring tone that I’ve wanted FOREVER but wasn’t available until now. The Cantina Band from Star Wars is my general ring tone. I had that a few phones ago and loved it because it’s catchy and it doesn’t scream, “THIS IS FROM STARWARS” every time the phone rings. I still have to decide on a ring tone for my dad and my grandma. Both of them were Christmas songs on my last phone. Dad was, “The Christmas Song” by the Chipmunks. He always used to sing that in a chipmunk voice when I was a kid so it was appropriate. Grandma was, “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” by Elmo and Patsy. When that song came out when I was a kid I loved it and played it over and over and over. My grandpa thought it was funny, grandma…well, not so much. I always got odd looks for using Christmas ring tones year round. We will have to see, something else might jump out at me yet.


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