Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brewer Game & “TailGate”

My mom and I went to the Brewers game today with my friend Suzanne and a group of her friends. There were 13 of us total – a group of all women. We had a fantastic time even though the Brewers lost. We met everyone at a bar and had lunch; then we were able to take their free shuttle to and from the game. It was great, especially since it’s STILL raining. I’d never done a shuttle before. It makes me wonder if Mike and I should do that for future games.

We stopped for gas before the game and my mom ran inside to stock up on munchies for the game. She came out with cheese popcorn, shoestring potatoes, sodas, kit kat bars, heath bars & licorice. I’m probably missing something but the other ladies in our group were just amazed at what I all pulled out of my back pack! It’s just getting so hard for me to trust food at the stadium…especially after the popcorn thing. There’s really nothing in that popcorn that should have given me the reaction that I had. At the point the only possibility from that would be the MSG like Michelle suggested and since my mom has problems with it, it’s very possible that I do now too.

When we got home it was time again to sew. I decided to coerce my mom into helping me with the pillow cases. We set a time limit of 30 minutes and started to sew. I’m going to try to work on them for 30 minutes a day just to get them turned out and done. I don’t think I’ll be working on pillow cases for the soldiers next year, I’m just burnt out. Maybe I’ll re-direct my energy into some Quilts of Valor or something. Or just all out into Project Linus as some of our quilts go to children with a parent serving overseas though a group called Project Snuggles.

Mom and I then each started on a raggy flannel quilt for Project Linus. I managed to double up two of my flannel squares so I had to go through and find what I had sewn them to before I could finish. I got mine done and once the threads are all snipped from my yo-yo flag I’ll start to snip the edges. I’m not sure how many more flannel kits we have but if there’s more I’ll probably do another one on Monday night. We’ve decided to make Monday Nights our charity sewing nights through fall and winter. Mike typically watches Monday Night Football so he won’t miss me. My mom’s friend Debbie’s parents live with her and are always watching football so hopefully she’ll join us too. She crochets baby items for a community baby shower that is held every year single mothers in need of help. This way we’ll have one night a week to work on charity sewing and the rest of the week can be for sewing whatever we’d like. One of those Monday’s each month we’ll go out and sew with our Project Linus Group. It sounds like we’re going to forgo meeting at Homespun Creations since that store has become so unreliable and just meet at Bits & Pieces.

What a busy weekend. I hardly touched the computer at all. I still have a lot of email to reply to and many, many blog posts to read! So far nothing is planned for this next weekend so I should stay caught up!! I can dream can’t I?

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