Saturday, August 18, 2007

How my Saturday Began

I was woken up this morning with a start at 6:30am. If anyone knows me, they know I’m NOT a morning person. I just can’t get moving. But when the phone rings it brings me out of a dead sleep and then you’re wide awake. This is why I use my cell phone as an alarm clock. I’m not saying this is working…because if I did Mike would call me out on that in an instant!

My mom’s ring tone on my phone is “Margarita Ville” for her love of Margarita’s. That lasted as my alarm clock tone for 1 day. I woke u with a start when I heard it thinking something was wrong with my Grandma. The other funny thing about the Margarita Ville Ring tone is that Holly now associates it with my mom. She gets happy when she hears it and usually runs back and forth a few times from wherever I am to the door. If she’s going to be home alone on a weekend, I take her to Murphy’s when my mom and I are out and about. She thinks the song means she’s going somewhere and its SOOOOO cute. But now I’ve gotten off on a different tangent than the one I was intending to be on.

This morning I was lying in bed, dead to the world. I didn’t have to be up until 7:30. Granted; that’s not too early but when you consider that I was up until 1am sewing, it IS early. The phone rings around 6:30 and my hubby who is up getting ready for golf answers it. It’s a contractor who has an “emergency.” The word “emergency” is pretty funny to me. One person’s definition is highly different from another’s. In this case, the contractor having the emergency was just because of their own poor planning.

I suppose I should back up here a bit. My husband sells underground water utility. In its simplest description he sells Fire Hydrants. Fire Hydrants and Water Main. It always makes people giggle. You don’t exactly think of fire hydrants needing to be purchased; they’re just THERE.

When I think emergency in Mike’s field, I think water main break; people without water needing water. Sure, run in; get them their parts, run out. This he doesn’t mind. For example, years back on Christmas Day there was a water main break. The contractor called him early in the morning but they don’t know what part they’re going to need until they dig it up. He let him know about it so it was no big deal when he had to run into the shop in the afternoon to pull the parts for this guy. To me it wasn’t a big deal being on a holiday because I looked at it like a few minutes of his time compared to all the people without water on a holiday who were probably trying to make dinner for guests. That’s an emergency. It’s when you fail to plan for your normal job that really gets him. So anyway, there’s this emergency message on their voice mail with a few phone numbers. In the beginning Mike had our home phone number listed but the contractors were such jerks when they called that he had them change it to just his cell phone number.

Mike golf’s every Saturday morning with his dad and brother; rain or shine if the golf course is open. There’s no deviating. Since a lot of contractors work on Saturdays they see it as a time to do their normal ordering so they would call our house and with him not being home they would chew me out. He gets paid for these calls; not me. Ok, yes it goes into the same account but you know what I mean; it’s not for MY employer. I would tell these guys to call his cell phone but not expect a call back until after noon when he got off the course. They’d start to yell at me saying he was the on call guy. No, he’s not on call. He doesn’t get paid to be on call. He goes in to pull a few things in an emergency. His boss doesn’t expect him to drop everything and be at their beck and call. EMERGENCIES. Ok, talk about tangents today!

So back to my story. The guy calls twice while my hubby is still at home. Another two guys from the same company call twice after he leaves. The one guy was soooooo arrogant. After telling him for the third time to call Mike’s cell phone and not our home phone he informed me that he got our home phone number off the answering machine. O M G.

Turns out when the secretary set up the new phone system she put both our home phone number and his cell phone number. YIKES. Now, in order to get her to change it back he’s going to have to lie to her and tell her that we’re canceling our home phone because to her; changing this voice mail is not….an emergency. Giggle…again with the “one person’s emergency is not an emergency to someone else.” But, in this case it IS her fault…not that he’s going to point that out because then it won’t get changed for sure.

Now after all of this I was wide awake. I took that as a sign to finish up the Project Linus quilts that I was too tired to finish the night before. I got the borders on and sewed the binding and got that ironed in half so that the 3 kits could be turned in.

I’m now 1 top ahead for my new plan. I’ll now need 5 by 9/17, 5 by 10/15 & 5 by 11/19.

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