Friday, August 24, 2007

A little story about my House Elf Peony

My dear Peony came for a visit tonight. She brought her magical creature Murphy the Magnificent along with her. After dinner my House Elf decided to vacuum. She has a history of sucking things into the vacuum. A few rugs have met their demise, the cord itself has met its demise, a dog's tail (YES, I DID SAY A DOGS TAIL!!), and now a cord that was attached to our stereo; hanging outside the glass of our entertainment center.

Actually now that I think about it; she's got something against cords. She's also killed a drill and a circular saw by rolling the cord around the mechanisms.

Back to the dog's tail. When I was a kid we had this schnauzer poodle mix named Scruffy. In her advanced years she had selective hearing. Couldn't hear you talking to her but rattle a food wrapper and she could come from anywhere in the house that she'd been sleeping. My mom was vacuuming one day and Scruffy was asleep in front of the kitchen sink, lying on a throw rug minding her own business. Mom was vacuuming and gently bumped her butt to get her to move (probably the only dog we've ever had that hasn't freaked out because of the vacuum) and the vacuum sucked her fluffy long tail around the beater bar. This was done with an ancient Kirby. She swore me to secrecy. I was probably between the ages of 4 & 8. Scruffy was ok after we unwound her. Or, so we thought. Fast forward about 6 months. My dad is giving her a hair cut. Goes to run his hand and the clipper up her tail and feels that the tip is bent...quite a bit. Because it was furry we never noticed. She must have had a few ligaments out of place so the last 2-3 inches of tail was at about a 60 degree angle from the rest of the tail. As my Dad started to think outloud and say, "What the heck happened here?" I was blabbering, "MOM SUCKED HER TAIL IN WITH THE VACUUM!!!!!! I think I ran and hid.


Saturday, August 25, 2007 - Peony
Posted by luv2quilt (
Oh, that is too funny about Scruffy's tail! That's one of those stories that aren't funny at the time, but fun to tell later! Did your stereo cord survive? Your mom is such a sweetie. Never a dull moment at your house, or your mom's is there? Michelle

Saturday, August 25, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter (
That is so funny! We just love childhood stories. My kids love to hear mine. Kristie

Saturday, August 25, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by SewAndSnip (
OK in my defense the portion of Scruffy's tail that was bent was probably about an inch. Hey she didn't move like she always did. Scared me and her. It's not easy unrolling a beater bar while holding a dog still. Once a necklace got sucked in too and I had to make an emergency run to the jeweler. Peony was just doing her thing vacuuming away at Jen's and bam in went that stupid little cord. I offered to run right out and buy a new one but Jen kept saying no. When I get somewhere with her that has them I will replace it. I have to say it was another one of those really good laughs the two of us shared. Peony

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