Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Mind is a Whirr

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had responded last week to my post about my friend and his obsession with money. Your comments and emails really made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. I wanted to email each of you back and probably still will…I just don't know where the time is going!!

Cleaned up my quilting area last night. Since I had been coming and going so much there was lots to put away and I hadn't unpacked from sewing on Sunday at my mom's yet. Of course; I procrastinated doing this and didn't start until around 9:30. This of course meant I didn't start sewing until then. Mike had made some noise about going to the Midnight Release of Madden 2008. So I figured I'd stay up and sew until he got home. So I'm sewing and sewing and I get all the strip sets sewn for 3 Project Linus Quilts; I ironed them and started cutting them apart when he announces that he's not going. Here I was all excited for it because of my excitement with the midnight release of Harry Potter. So, I went to bed.

I didn't sleep very well because of the whole Murphy thing. If anyone hasn't read my mom's blog you should go check it out. When she moved into our apartment complex she received special permission for him to move in. He's a Doberman and the biggest baby you'll ever meet. In the mean time he's got severe separation anxiety and now is an insulin dependant diabetic. A man in our apartment complex got bit by a golden retriever that was outside on a leash by itself so now they compiled a list of "banned dogs." Of course; Murphy's on it. People are supposed to get rid of their family members immediately but of course they aren't offering to let you out of your lease. Can I point out that Golden Retrievers are NOT on the banned list? Not saying they should be but if a Golden was the problem… We're not sure where my mom could even move to if she could move; I did a Google search and it sounds like more and more places have a "banned" list. If she had to give him up; he'd never survive. He cannot be without my mom. He flips out when it's just him and I if my mom is gone; I can't imagine him with strangers. I'm just so upset about this whole thing. They're supposed to let her know if he can stay or not. In the mean time we're nervous wrecks. We both just signed leases not too long ago; her in April and me in June so it's not like either of us would be close to the end of our leases either.

It's like, who exactly do you contact for help on this? If she calls her insurance company to make sure he's covered under her insurance what if they've just never realized his breed and then want to drop her coverage. It's not like she's ever hid what he is. It's her second Doberman. They're not bad dogs; bad owners make them bad dogs. In fact; when she adopted him from the humane society he had been brought in or taken away from a family that was trying to train him to be an attack dog and were giving him up because he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. They were also drug runners so it's a good thing they gave him up at 4 months old. I told her we should start with the Humane Society to see if they have any advice on this situation or the Vet. Someone has to have been through this that could give us advise on how to fight it.

I ran over to my cousin Tracey's today during lunch. I had called her before I left work and there was no answer so I just figured I'd put it in her front door. Low and behold she had just pulled into the driveway seconds before I pulled in. She LOVED her purse. Her mother in law Karen who lives in Florida was with her. She's also a quilter. I knew that but it never clicked. Turns out she owns a Janome 6500 machine which is similar to my 6600 and she has a Hinterberg frame. So we were talking a mile a minute while my cousin sat at the table and looked back and forth remarking how one of us talked quicker than the next. It was so much fun. Unfortunately I had to go back to work; otherwise I'm sure I'd still be there chatting. So I'm going to send her the link for the Yahoo Group that I'm in for my Janome so that she can get tips and such too. Those women are such a wealth of knowledge. It will be nice to have yet another quilter I can chat with.

So now I'm headed over to my Grandma's with my Mom. We're going to help her with her sewing and get out of there before too long. That's the goal anyway. Then we'll be back home. I'm hoping to get the other two Project Linus tops cut out of their first strip sets. It would really be great if I could get the 3 tops together tonight. I can do borders and bindings Wednesday night and have it all set for Saturday to drop off.

I still need to make those two Sassy Bags this week too. They're all cut out I just need to get moving on them. Lots to do; but after that quilting marathon I'm pretty darn confident I can get it all done.

One of these days I'd like to make a flat bag for my small rotary cutting mat (The one that's like 13 x 18-ish) and my smaller rulers for when I go to my mom's to sew or to a class. I have a big one that fits the 18x24" mat that zips onto the back of my sewing machine. I don’t use it very often because it really weighs my bag down and it's heavy enough with just the machine in it. Also, my smaller rulers just get lost in it. I've been trying to design one in my head. I was thinking about putting timtex in it as a stiffener but I don't want my mat to warp. At the same time I don't want it to get heavy so now I'm contemplating foam core board. It will do the job, be light and if it ever gets damaged I could take out the old piece and put in a new one. Maybe each side of the bag should have a pocket that the foam core can slip into. I'm thinking putting Velcro at the top of each side to keep the foam core inside. I could put binding down the sides and bottom which would eliminate me having to figure out a "pretty" way of making it and flipping it…etc. I can finish my top edges only, the rest will get hidden by the binding. I can add two fabric handles and possibly a flap to keep everything held in there. TO the lining pieces I could add two pockets about half way down to keep my "shorter" rulers in. By shorter I'm thinking like the 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 or 6-1/2 by 6-1/2. Does anyone see any glaring design flaws in my plan? I'll probably use some canvas to make it a little more durable. Wait; do I really need durable? If it goes bad I can make a new one.

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Your poor mom sounds devastated I agree its not the dog its the owner .We have a ban on Pit Bulls in Ontario .No more can be brought in and new litters are suppose to be handed over to the SPCA (animal control ) and its a 10,000 fine if any one is found walking one that isn't muzzled .While this may sound extreme after seeing a few of the results of the damage these dogs do ,I would just as soon see them gone .Most were family pets who turned on a family member .My brother has always had Doberman and hasn't had any problems .I'm still scared to death of it LOL but I know it wouldn't hurt me . I'm really surprised you were allowed large dogs in a apartment ,here your lucky it they let you have a fish LOL

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I think your bag plan sounds like a good one. I have one, but hardly ever use it because mine fit in my tutto case with my machine and I only take a few with me. My bag just keeps the dust off the big ones. I think I would go with Timtex so it doesn't get so heavy. I would be afraid of the foam breaking. Sure hoping something works out with your mom. I would be furious with the apartment complex, changing the rules in the middle of a lease. Especially since she's been there so long.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 - I want some of what you are having or have had!
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Gosh Jen! What kind of vitamins are you on? Where do you get all your energy? Thank you for offering to help me with my flower and map. I am not feeling well still although I did go to work today. I will do it when I can sit up long enough to figure out what to do. I'm so sorry about Murphy! I don't know what I would do without Tucker Doodle. He is my best bud and I couldn't imagine living without him. And Murphy sounds like he is a "special needs dog" so maybe the vet would wirte your mom a letter about how impossible it would be for him to be without her. Just a suggestion. Good luck with your projects. Going to take a nap before I make myself dinner.

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What a serious bummer about your mom and her dog situation. Why do people have to be so disruptive. If it's not broke don't fix it. Your mom's dog has never made a scene, so leave her alone already. I will be praying that it all works out for her. Hope you rock out theproject Linus stuff. :0)

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