Sunday, September 9, 2007

2nd Friday BOM Quilt - Wendy Rieves

Tonight while I was at my Mom's I finished sewing together my sashing for my 2nd Friday BOM Quilt. I made 5 rows of this:

Then I was too excited to stop so I put the top together. It's all ready to have the last block added next week. I've always thought this BOM was awesome but now it's even more awesome because it's my very own quilt!! It just looks so different when it's all put together!! It looks a little wavy but it's really not; Holly had just been on it!

It wouldn't be a quilt unless Holly took it for a test run. Here she is, "Quilt Tester #1."

Well, it's 2am, it's time for bed!!!


Maureen said...

Okay I am officially jealous. I really wanted to work on this part yesterday afternoon and last night but I had another commitment that I had to complete. Do you ever sleep?


Maureen said...

Opps I forgot to say that Holly is a really cute tester!


Maureen said...


I tried to leave a comment that I posted on the BOM Yahoo Group to check out the BEAUTIFUL quilt top you completed.

Well anyways you should be getting an e-mail about that any time now.


butrfly2200 said...

Wow, does that ever look wonderful.
Love the colours. You sure are up late. The sashing is a really neat fabric and way to do it.
:) Carol

Rose Marie said...

Love the colours and the black background!

Nancy said...

Jen, those blocks are gorgeous - the black really sets them off doesn't it? And the sashing with the cornerstones is stunning and adds so much to it. Great job!