Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Batik Pineapple Table Topper

I started working on a batik pineapple table topper last night in tan, teal and green batiks. These are batiks from the batik club that Maureen, my Mom and I joined at the Patched Works. We joined after the 2nd meeting but were still able to get the fabric and pattern so I had been unsure how I wanted to lay out all the fabrics to get them all in. Luckily I took a look at it while we were at the Patched Works on Sunday and got a good picture. It's going together rather quickly. It's paper pieced and I just love the accuracy that paper piecing gives. I find paper piecing so methodical and relaxing.

I've decided that I will add a gold or two into my bargello, maybe another lighter brown. The browns are much more different in person than they photograph. I'm at 20 fabrics right now so we'll see. I guess I won't be starting it this week as I had hoped. =(

I couldn't get in the mood to unpack my sewing stuff tonight. I wanted to sew but didn't want to unpack. It was supposed to be charity sewing night but my mom started a computer class on Monday nights. It's a full semester so I'll be going it alone on charity night for a while.

I was able to teach Mike how to give Murphy insulin tonight so now if we hit traffic coming back from the Wisconsin Quilt Expo on Saturday it won't be the end of the world. Mom and I are also planning to go down to Iowa to visit Michelle on September 29th. Since my mom will have to come back that night for Murphy we'll just get an early start driving; spend the entire day and drive back when we're darn good and ready. =) As long as Murphy isn't home alone to sleep at night he'll be just fine. He's got severe separation anxiety soooo in addition to his diabetes we've got to work around that; it's actually the more difficult of the two problems! I'm so excited!! I'm going to put my Turning Twenty Again quilt on her quilter so I'll actually have a quilt that I made on my bed for the first time in about 4 years!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll come home from work with the drive to unpack my stuff and settle in for some sewing. It's going to be a busy week so if I don't get to sew tomorrow; I'll surely miss it later in the week.


Michelle said...

Looks Great! Love, Michelle

butrfly2200 said...

Really like the look of your batik pineapple blocks. Very nice.
:) Carol

Maureen said...

Wow is that how mine would turn out if I did the paper piecing pineapple block? Did you make smaller blocks?


Nancy said...

Jen, that is a great combo of fabrics - don't you just love batiks!