Friday, September 14, 2007

Block of the Month Party

I realized I was too excited to tell you all about the rest of my Friday night at BOM.

The Jello Shots were a hit. I ended up with 2 large packs of watermelon jello; which to my surprise is now green jello instead of pink. To make jigglers this takes 5 cups of water. I used 4 cups water and 1 cup watermelon vodka because I couldn't find watermelon schnapps without it being watermelon pucker so I tried something new. Since it was my first jello & vodka experience in about 12 years I didn't want them to be over powering. But I think next time I'd bump the water down by 1/4 cup and vodka up by 1/4 cup and see how that would come out.

Wendy went over the final block with us. It's tricky so I actually sewed the middle there. I was using a longer stitch length so I need to re-sew it but at least I know what I'm doing. It has a 3-D center. I can't wait to get it made so that I can get the final row of that quilt top put together.

This next week Friday & Saturday is Frank's Sewing Center's 35th Anniversary Sale. There's going to be a lot of great specials so if you're local you're going to want to click the above link and go check it out. The Fall Class Schedule is also posted on the website. There's quite a few new offerings including a Thread Lecture that's going to be given by Brad.

I know there was more that I wanted to say but I can't seem to remember it at the moment!

Ohhh, I know what it was. I took my finished Yo-Yo Flag for show and tell. Wendy asked me if they could borrow it to have it on display for next weekends big sale! They're hoping that they'll get their Yo-Yo makers in on time and can display the flag with the makers! I'm really excited!!

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