Friday, September 28, 2007


The Brewers Lost and the Cubs Won. Damn you Diane for throwing your goat at me after I pushed you under a ladder hoping your team would get bad luck. You're stupid goat jinxed me. =( Of course, you are doing the happy dance and well, you should.

Mike wanted to post an anonomys comment regarding the smoke/fire incident. He feels like he's getting bashed by all of you ladies. LOL. Seriously..I smelled smoke. I told him the next time the dog and I would just leave and when he burned up and died to just remember what happened the last time when I tried to warn him.

BUT, we're going to Iowa tomorrow. It's 11pm and I still haven't packed a gosh darn thing yet. I supposed I better do that before I end up taking a bolt of muslin with me.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry, Mike, but it really wasn't nice to leave your two best girls hanging outside while you were snoozing!

By the way, thanks for helping out with Murphy tomorrow! What a guy!!!!

Kristie said...

Sorry Mike, but I wasn't too hard on you. It just sounded so much like something that Richard would do to me, like he did with the snake.

jillquilts said...

Poor Mike! Have fun in Iowa!! How long is the drive to Michelle's? I plan on sewing a bit today. Or at least organizing my recent purchases and putting things away. Have fun!!

Maureen said...

Sorry Mike but Jen and Holly were outside in the should have let them know you were going in...Poor Jen was worried about you!!! Although Mark would probably go back inside but take Emma with him.

Who is driving to Iowa and will the other person be working on YoYo's?


teresa said...

Gee Mike we are all really harmless you know, Have fun In Iowa!