Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bloodchained, a novel by Diana Laurence

I wanted to share a trailer that my friend Diane put together to promote her new book, Bloodchained. Please watch the trailer and comment with any questions you may have about the book, the process of writing this book or Diana Laurence's other works. I'll be interviewing her on my blog within the week so check back for answers to all of your burning questions!!

Here's what Diane has to say about her book:

THE ORIGINS OF BLOODCHAINED Bloodchained is a very special book, because in a sense, it has over sixty authors.

Let's start at the beginning, approximately New Years 2007. Diana Laurence was finishing up her latest romance anthology, Soulful Sex: The Paranormal, Science Fiction and Fantasy Collections, and thinking about what she would write next. She wanted her next work to be something different, and to be something lots of readers were looking for. An interesting thought occurred to her: why not capitalize on the available technology of the internet—things like Yahoo Groups, blogs, chats, and online surveys--to make a book that was truly a team effort? Certainly these technologies would make it easy to kibbutz with a big group of people, get their input and opinions, and really make them part of the creative process.

Thus was born the "Soulful Sex Partners" Project, named after Diana's popular series of tasteful erotic romance collections. Diana invited readers and fans to sign up, and by March had over fifty SS Partners, and the group ultimately swelled to 63.

The Partners included males and females from across North America and all over the world. There were 20-somethings and 60-somethings, longstanding Diana Laurence fans and newbies, authors and editors and reviewers. What they all had in common was excitement about taking part in the creation of a brand new romance story. The Partners participated in all kinds of ways. They chose the genre and point of view of the book. They specified the level of sensuality of the writing. They selected the plot from a choice of three possible synopses. They named the lead characters. They provided feedback for the early chapters and the initial plot development. They helped Diana make key plot decisions. A subcommittee of Partners served as Advance Readers and read and edited the entire first draft of the book. Their suggestions and edits were incorporated in the rewrite and helped make tremendous improvements in the story and text.

It is completely true to say that without these readers and fans, Bloodchained would never have come to be.

-Diana Laurence



PGNeto said...

Congraulations your blog. The beutful.

Maureen said...

My questions are:

How does Diana take all of the suggestions and come up with a cohesive story and plot?

How do you decide which suggests stay and which ones you do not use?

How long have you been writing?

What inspires you to write and who or what is your muse for writing?

Do you have a special place that you write? If yes, what is it like?

Kristie said...

This is really exciting!!! I told you before that I had read one of her books and that I was shocked that this was the same Diana. See, me and about 4 of my friends read alot of books so we switch them back and forth alot. So I was trying to find out who had the book and the name of it. I just remember her name and that I really liked it. I always try to keep track of the authors that I really like so if I run on to more of their books I can pick them up. So I keep this list in my purse so when I saw that name on your blog lists, I had to look and sure enough it was the same...So my questions are...

Do you have plans for another book yet???

And where can I purchase this book??? I very rarely purchase my books new, but I would certainly buy this one.

Diana Laurence said...

Wow, ladies! I'm just thrilled Jen's gotten some posts on this already! She gets more traffic on this blog than I do on all my sites combined, LOL.

Maureen, thanks so much for the questions, you rock. I'll provide answers in the upcoming Official Interview!

And Kristie, I was so tickled to hear you had already read one of my books. Too cool! And I wanted to respond right away and say, please visit and click on the "BUY" link on the left. It has all your options for purchasing in one handy spot.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Now I've got to read this book it really sounds interesting. So, here's my question for Diana. How did you get hooked on writing? Was this something that you always dabbled with and one day tadaa your first book?

Diana Laurence said...

Good question, Cindy...and you'll get the answer in the interview! I will reveal how old I was when I wrote my first fiction and published my first story...oh the suspense!!!

cps said...

Very Cool! An author! Always dreamed of writng a book. My eleven year old DD is writing a spin off of Nightmare Before Christmas. She has made up Jack Skellington the second with Rex And Zero and their adventures! Her imagination is sooooo cool. Maybe she'll live out my dream and become an author!
Does Diana start with a general idea and then start breaking that down into smaller bits and adding and elaborating on them to create the book? Always thought if I should try writing that might be the way I would try it.

Diana Laurence said...

Hi CPS! Your 11 year old sounds like me at that age, all right. Very cool...she should keep it up! Your question on the writing process is an excellent one and I will offer my reply in the just a few short days!