Monday, September 3, 2007

Leaving Comments

I'm trying to work out the bugs for the comments that are left on my blog. For whatever reason they keep coming to me to approve. My friend Diane looked my form over and I *think* I've got it right least I hope so. So if you're comment doesn't go up right away, this is why. Once I get the bugs worked out they will post automatically. I did turn on the word verification because Diane pointed out that without some kind of verification spammers can post commercials with a special software.

Also, for my readers that are used to my old blog there are 3 choices when leaving a comment. You can log in if you have a Google ID (It actually uses your Yahoo mail address if you have one and that same Yahoo password), you can click "other" which lets you type your name and even your website address or just plain old "anonymous."

I just went to log into so I could copy more posts and it's down. Go figure. This is actually what scared me into coming over to blogger. When it's down like that I worry that my posts could be lost forever.


Kristie said...

Hey Jen, I also tried to get on both quilt blogs this morning and both are down. My horses and my quilt websites are on Blogger. I need to add more photos since I haven't done that in a while.

Jill M said...

Now I am wondering if I should just move to Blogger, too. I was able to make a post this morning and then it went down while I was making a comment. UGH!!! I am going to give it another week or so and see what happens. If it continues, I will be setting up a blogger site. I am sure that my followers (like all 4 of them ha ha ha) will eventually get sick of following me!!

Maureen said...

Hi Jen!

You may start a trend and all of us will move over here...Then we can have each other's names on our friends list and just hop around to each other's sites. Hmm this has possibilities. Ohh and Jill I would follow I enjoy reading your blog.


Anonymous said...

With the other two sites down I'm seriously considering this blogger site too.

Oh and Jill we'll follow you . There are so many of you that I'll follow I just want to make sure that my stuff is safe and secure

cowgirl4ever said...

Wow I had never experienced myquiltblog being down but that makes me think. I haven't posted much but will think about creating some sort of archive now until I decide if I'm going to change over.