Monday, September 17, 2007

The Cult Strikes Again

I'm feeling disgusted, sad, angry, hurt - the list could go on and on.

One of the cult members that is STILL living below us knocked on our door to tell us to turn our base down. This was after they beat the living shit out of the ceiling and scared the crap out of Holly. We've lived here since June of 1999 and this is our first noise complaint. We barely had the TV Volume up so the complaint is about my sewing machine. Which might I add was only going at about 1/2 speed to begin with. What the hell am I supposed to do? It was 8:30 at night. So their kid can scream at all hours of the day and night but I can't sew? They can leave their garbage on their porch for three straight weeks but I can't sew? One of them can swipe my money but I can't sew? They could hold loud meetings in that apartment and chant to the point where I had to take Holly to my mom's every day, but I can't sew?? This then launched Mike and I into a huge argument and I ended up sobbing for an hour. I'm still upset over it. I'm so sad and feel so defeated that it's not even funny. What the hell am I supposed to do? Sew in the garage? So fine, when I get home from work tomorrow I'm going to move my machine, and ironing board and ott lamps to the garage. I'll go to my mom's and get my plastic table. I'm not going to stop sewing because of them and I can't sew at a snail's pace either just to satisfy them because it's not at all enjoyable. I'll never be able to use my frame in our apartment. That'll have to go to the garage too and then I might just well get a parking permit to park on the street so I can leave my stuff up and just take my sewing machine back into the house every night so that it stays safe.

I'm just beyond sad. I cut my speed again in half on my machine so it was only at about 1/4 speed. Do you know it takes 8 minutes and thirty-four seconds to sew one 44" strip to another? I was so bored doing it that I actually fell asleep at my machine. I'll never get my bargello done at this rate. Actually, I won't get anything done at this rate.


Michelle said...

Jen, can you set your sewing machine on a piece of that foamy thick shelf liner to deaden the sound some? And how about putting some pieces of foam rubber of something under the legs of your sewing machine? That might help. I know what is going on is retaliation. Don't give up. You'll win. Go talk to the supers again. This has got to stop. Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Is there a noise ordinance in your town or complex? If so, I am guessing that you can do whatever until 10PM on weeknights and 11 on weekends. Might be worth checking into. You might also ask if Mike could be down there while you sew so he can judge the 'actual' noise level...I find it hard to believe that they called the sewing machine noise a 'base' in the radio. Trust me, we had neighbors (next house over with woods in between) who had the base way up and as long as it stopped before the noise ordinance timeframe, we didn't do anything but turn up our tv! I wouldn't move your machine.... if previous tenants had never has an issue I am guessing there really is no noise or very little. Just think, it could be a crying baby.. and you can't control that or the hours!
Hang in there.

Moneik said...

Seriously Jen, they are crazy and just trying to get under your skin. Don't let them rule your life. Sewing is not a loud activity, especially at 8 at night. I would never move to the garage. I sew until all hours of the night and Paul sleeps right through it, so it can't be that loud. I would say they are trying to get back at you, but don't let them win. You rock and sewing is your life, don't let them change that.

Bethany said...


You don't need to move anything and sew to your heart's content. We have the same machine and I KNOW it doesn't make enough noise to bother someone downstairs.

So..they made a complaint. Let them. Your manager appears not to do anything about their noise so I doubt managment will care about yours.

This is a hard one. Even my hubby didn't have an answer other than to move out and find a place that does care. I know..drastic solution and a typical man response.

The last thing you need is a neighbor war going on. Let me think on this and I will email you later. You may want to check up on tenant laws and see what rights you have.

Kristie said...

Oh Jen, that is terrible. You can bring your machine to my house and sew, I live in the middle of nowhere, with no one to complain and Richard sleeps through everything.

I guess you know this is just there way of trying to get even. Just like I'm sure your purse was. Now, I've never saw a sewing machine that made that much noise and why would they just start complaining now? It is not your machine, because you always sew. The managers should realize that you have lived there a very long time with no complaints and they have been complained on the whole time. I sure hope things are better with you and Mike, I'm sure he was just upset with them. Cheer up, we love you and need you to keep sewing, so that you can keep us all in line.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Oh the heck with them. A sewing machine doesn't make that much noise. They are probably so stupid that they were hearing noise from the apartment behind them and had no clue. I have people upstairs and I can't even hear when she vacuums. They are just ignorant people. Beisdes you haven't complained about the screaming baby and that can really get on your nerves.

Maureen said...


They are just trying to get even which is what everyone is saying. Don't move your sewing machine to the garage...that would be like me moving all my fabric into the basement when my sewing room is on the second floor..well technically right now it is on both the first and second floor but I digress.

They have not complained before today and you have been sewing for how long??? and at faster speeds than what you were going last night so they must have heard something else not your sewing machine and even if it was your sewing machine who cares...they inconvenienced and annoyed you and Mike and Holly for too long to stop sewing. Your comfort and well being is way more important that a little complaint by this one neighbor who is just out for revenge. Smile and sew away in fact have Mike turn up the bass on the surround sound and show them what real noise is.


Debi said...

Jen, don't give in to them, this is what they want. Like Michelle suggested, put foam, quilt, etc. under your machine to muffle some of the noise. If they get unruly, call local law enforcement and register a complaint. They will be told promptly that you can sew in your own apartment.

butrfly2200 said...

Hi Jen,
That is a down side of apt. living, been there done that. But you shouldn't more your machine. It was only 8:30 for heaven sakes.
Tell them to buy ear plugs or something. I agree, turn up your music and sew away. People can be sooo difficult sometimes. Take some deep breathes and sew on.