Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Egg Money Block of the Month

A bunch of us in the land of Quilting Blogs, have been talking about working on Eleanor Burns Egg Money Quilt as a block of the month with our blog friends. I created a Yahoo Group for our Quilt. The group is just meant for us to encourage each other. If someone wishes to work faster or slower that's absolutely fine.

We'll start with the first block in the book which is Grandmother's Flower Garden. Nancy-Rose has already made her block so she's got a head start on us!! We'll move along month by month unless the vast majority are finished; then we'll move on to the next one.

Join in on the fun!!

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Kristie said...

Hey Jen, I'm in!!!! I know I don't need another project, but in my heart I do... When are you planning on beginning the blocks???? I need to dig out my stash of 30's fabrics.

teresa said...

Hi Jen: Sounds good, I joined the yahoo group, I think it will be fun. Thanks,

Debi said...

I joined the group, but do I need to buy a book?

Michelle said...

Music? Oh are just getting so technical here!
Love ya bunches, Michelle

cps said...

Hi Jen! Boy, I don't post for awhlie and yall leave.:0) The funny part is that this is where I came from :0) My blog here is Not that I need to start another project, but do you need to have her book to do your block of the month? Probably, huh? Funny that I did post here yesterday. Didn't even know you guys were here.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OK I'm in I joined the yahoo group. Hey when did you add the music and how. First time I heard it I thought I had left the radio on.

Maureen said...


I joined the group and need to figure out what fabric I am going to use.

At first when I heard the music, I thought it was coming from Mark's site he had open so I closed it guees what there was still music...then I figured it out. :-)


Debi said...

Jen...are we doing Sampler I or Sampler II. I would prefer Sampler II.