Thursday, September 20, 2007

Egg Money BOM - Block #1

I ran out to Frank's Sewing Center after work today to drop off some of my wallhangings for them to use as samples for this weekend's big SALE. So, I issue this contest to get you all in the store, checking EVERYTHING out and falling in love with all the new items (Especially the Charm Packs and the Jelly Rolls - remember ladies; we've got to buy them and make them popular enough for Brad to keep ordering them). The prize will be a little homemade gifty from me to the first person who is able to tell me how many samples in the store are mine and which ones. The person with the most correct answers wins. Ahem; My mother doesn't count - as she knows what I've made....Wendy probably has to sit this one out too.

I was on my own for dinner tonight so that consisted of 2 mini twix bars, 2 "jello" squares and then popcorn. The dinner of champions.

Mom and I worked on our first block for the Egg Money Quilt. If you're interested in doing this BOM with us please scroll down a few posts and subscribe to the Egg Money Yahoo Group that I set up and join in the fun with us. I really liked how this block turned out. We used fusible interfacing so that we could turn our pieces and we sewed batting to that so they'd be puffy. My mom and I got all of our 30's Fabric last year when a Local Quilting Store was going out of business. We've just realized though that a lot of our fabrics, really don't match! So it will be a challenge to make everything work and not buy things to swap out. I sewed the pieces down with a white blanket stitch. It's sooo cute!!
I read a few chapters in Bloodchained which is where I'll be headed back to as soon as I'm done typing this post!


Maureen said...


Do I count for the prize? I know definately two of the pieces! Ohh I am so excited about the sale and that they are now carrying fabric.

I really like your egg money square. Congratulations for getting it done so quickly.


vera said...

I have egg money book and I love it.... Your block is too cute..

Debi said...

Great job on the Grandma's Flower Garden block, I like you colors.