Friday, September 21, 2007

Frank's 35th Anniversary Sale

Tonight my Mom, Maureen and I went to Frank's Sewing Center to their 35th Anniversary sale. I got a few tips for working with my Little Gracie Frame from Wendy and I'm going to try some larger; more heavy duty needles. I also think changing my thread path will help out...A LOT. I knew the thread path was a problem but I didn't know how to make it normal. I think I'm confident to try again on Sunday.

We all swore we wouldn't do it; but we each bought a crystal setting wand and some crystals. They just seem like so much fun; they were everywhere at the quilt show. Picked up a few new patterns and a charm square pack.

It seems like Maureen was the only one who played my game of finding all the samples of mine that were hanging so I'll have to whip her up a fun little giftie. Of course, I can hold it over her head that I could use some of the ugly fabric strips from strip poker! HA HA!!!

I came home, intending to work on my block of the month for Moda U and that just didn't happen!! I went to bed.


Michelle said...

There you are! I missed you, Jen!

Maureen said...

Oh no I should have said I would play your game but only if no ugly fabric is involved! LOL.