Friday, May 4, 2007

Hi, my name is Jen and I seem to be a purse making addict!!

I'm walking in a cancer walk on Saturday so I needed a little purse that I could sling across my body. I also decided it had to have pink in it. What's more perfect than my daisy fabric? Before I made my first cut I spied another pattern that I want to make out of the same fabric so I planned it out to make sure I can get the most out of my ½ yard. I made this little Lazy Girl Designs Runaround Bag. This was by far the easiest bag yet. Talk about a complete non-thinking project. It was probably done in under an hour and a half which included a run to Wal-Mart with my mom for a zipper. The way the bag is put together there are unfinished seams inside so I ran an overcast stitch around the bag twice before flipping it right side out. The back of the bag has a pocket. It will be just the right size to throw my digital camera and a few other necessities in.

I need to gripe about my living situation. My husband and I have lived in the same apartment since June of 1999. We've had more than our share of ups and downs with neighbors over the years. We had about 3 years with completely normal, fabulous neighbors. The apartment buildings are 8 family units, everyone has their own outside door and we're in an upper unit. Some of the nick names that we've given neighbors so far have included:

  • The Hicks of Hazard County (They actually had a car up on jack stands sticking out of their garage by about 5 feet for about 2-3 weeks straight.) Who finally one day just up and skipped out on paying rent.
  • Melrose Place. They were early twenty something's. The guy who rented the apartment had an ex-wife, a daughter from the wife, an ex-girlfriend who moved in with him and a current girlfriend. Talk about drama, fights, cop calls.
  • Bird man and the mail order bride from Korea. He had a bird that would sit on his shoulder even when he walked outside. It would also crap on his shoulder and he didn't seem to mind. EWWW. They were also big fans of singing Karaoke in their apartment. His favorite was "Dust in the Wind," her favorite was "Fernando." …there was something in the air last night the moon was bright, Fernando… put an Asian accent with that. They also got in quite a few fist fights.
  • The traveling "Escort."
  • High Heel Chick with Dogs. She'd walk outside in super high, tiny heels through the grass with her two big, mean dogs.
  • White Trash Family. Whose children left garbage all over, swore at everyone, would lock each other out of the house and scream at each other, unscrewed the gas cap on my car, poured god knows what on the hood of my husbands truck which ate the top layer of paint off.

So this time around, the complex never sent out our lease renewal paperwork. Finally on the last day of March we called to find out what was up. They claimed first of all that we were late on signing so they would do us the favor this time to only raise the rent the $20 instead of the $50 they should be raising it for us signing late. Ummm hello? You're not doing ME a favor. You keep it off or you lose a tenant. About an hour before we're to sign my husband gets this notion that we should move. Ok, we have an HOUR to decide this on a Friday afternoon. Needless to say, since we have a large black lab we couldn't find something in an hour so we signed the lease. They knew we were hemming and hawing on signing so they knocked the rent down further and I told her one of my hang ups on staying was all the crappy neighbors we had over the years. She promised us she'd try to find us better ones.

Fast forward to last week Friday. I come home from work and can't park in my garage because there is an Office Depot truck blocking everything. Ok, no big deal, everyone's got to move in so I parked elsewhere. Life goes on. Then I notice the 20 kids going to and from the truck and I think, wow who can find that many people to help them move? Then I noticed they were moving in folding chairs, banquet tables and office equipment. Ok, a little odd. First night, right out of the box they were up and LOUD until about 3:30. Ok, fine you're getting settled. Then we notice there are always hoards of people. I talk to some of the other neighbors and they've found out that it's a Door-To-Door Security Company that has rented 30 units and we're the lucky people who have the business office below us. This is college kids who get jobs during summer break. They live 4 to a unit so there are 50 kids total. Since we had 3 units empty on our side of the building and have the office, its kid central. After business hours they use the "office" as their hang out and meeting place. Plus, they have company meetings every morning from 10-11 which drives our dog nuts. She's going to have to start spending her days at my mom's house. It's 1 am. I'm still awake because they're playing poker rather loudly in the apartment across from ours. It's pretty sad when you can follow the game and tell whose winning. We have all these idiots for the next 4-1/2 months. My husband swears they're a cult recruiting people! Another odd thing about all these kids, we have screen doors and storm doors. They leave their storm doors open and their screen doors propped open at all times. How weird is that? Who does that? Even if their big doors are closed, the screens are popped open. I know, that seems little and petty but it's really obnoxious when you have a dog on a retractable leash who has lived here her whole life and now sees open doors and thinks that's her opportunity to run and explore. I don't know if that's their calling card to each other so they know which apartments are with their group or what. All I know is I am 30 and I feel like I'm living in college dorms.

Summer Can't END Soon Enough!!

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I liked Bird man and Korean wife. I'm sure that was entertaining! We lived in town for a while and listened to our next door neighbors swear at each other in drunken rages. Fun! My advice - save your money and buy a small house in the country with a little room around you. it has saved our sanity! Rhoda

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First of all, I love the purse. Just the right size for what you need. Love it!!!! Second, your neighbors are why I love living in the country. I know the country is not for everyone, but I love it. Don't have to worry about anyone else. My closest neighbor is my mom and sister and that is about 1 mile away. And of course there is no traffic back here. And I only live 5 minutes from Yatesville Lake, 20 minutes from town, and 20 minutes from my husbands work. To me its heaven...

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What a rad bag!! Love those colors!

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