Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good Friends and Quilting, what more can anyone ask for?

I was sooo excited about today! I was just so thrilled that Michelle and her husband Louie were going to ride up from Iowa on their motorcycle. I got up early and started cleaning the house because I knew it wouldn't be long until my guests arrived. I'm actually quite impressed that I cleaned the house as quickly as I did. For once I didn't even procrastinate until the last minute. My Mom was the first to arrive with Maureen following shortly after. While we waited for Michelle and her husband Louie we talked about quilting and I showed off my new mat and ruler tote. Once they arrived the 5 of us sat chatting for about an hour before my mom had to leave for the vet. Michelle, Louie, Maureen and I went out for lunch. I intended to take them to Hawg City Grill but I forgot they were closed today because they were set up at a festival. I was bummed because it's such a great Milwaukee resturant. We ended up at Baker's Square which was pretty good but I had been thinking of Hawg City! Oh well, next time.

I wanted Michelle to see Maureen and my quilt store hang outs. Our first stop was the Patched Works. Michelle liked how friendly the store was. Julie took us downstairs for a sneak preview of her quilt that will be in the newest issue of Fabric Trends Magazine. The pattern is in the magazine AND they have a 1/2 page color ad for the Patched Works. It looks AWESOME! THe quilt incorporates applique, flowers AND Yo-Yo's! Michelle got to buy their first copy of it AND Louie came up with the brilliant idea of having Julie autograph it. I think she was shocked! But, I know I'm going to do the same thing when I get my magazine. I saw that they had stacks of kits for this quilt so I think I'll have to get one. The picture doesn't do the quilt any justice, it's really an awesome quilt.

We each did a little shopping. I bought a fall charm pack and matching binding fabric. I picked up a really pretty baby panel that I think I'm going to use for my cousin Keri's baby that is due this fall. Michelle and Maureen each bought the same panel. I don't even think the fabric has hit their website yet and we've almost bought the bolt out! Michelle picked up some pink & browns to make a wedding gift. Maureen also picked up something that I can't discuss at this time. Giggle.

From there we headed over to Bits & Pieces. I decided I needed matching backing fabric to go with the charm pack and binding that I had just bought. Maureen picked up some fun fabric that she's going to use to make her Brother-In-Law a quilt. It's all kinds of construction and tools and such. Yellow Brick Road will set that fabric off really well. Michelle picked up some black and white fabrics and a roll of blue/cream/pinks. All really pretty. Here are some pictures of us.

Michelle, Maureen & Jen

Maureen & Jen

We went back to my house afterwards for a short visit so everyone could meet my husband Mike. Then it was back off to Iowa for Michelle and Louie who had a 3-4 hour ride in front of them.

I decided that I wanted to make the table runner that I had bought the fabric for today. The one at the Patched Works was set 4 charms by 8 charms and had circles quilted to it that were raw edge and quilted in a sprial in the center of them. I made mine to fit my table that sits behind my kitchen table. My runner ended up 3 charms by 10 charms. I stippled it and had just enough varigated thread left. In fact, I maybe had about 15 inches left hanging from the spool. The last corner I had to use a yellow thread in the bobbin. Talk about cutting it close. I wanted to use the raw edge idea of their quilt but I wasn't sure if I was sold on the circles. I ended up bringing out my Sizzix die cutter that I have for Scrapbooking and took some of the remaining solid colored charms and cut oak leaves out. I used heat and bond to attach them and I have one in each square. I might go back with brown thread and sew down the center of each leaf to give it a definite stem but I'm not sure. I can't wait to see how the ironed on leaves turn out over time. I didn't applique them down because I kind of am hoping they pull up a bit and fray on the edges to give it a three dimensional look. Here are some pictures:

Now, the funniest part about this table runner is the hell I'm going to catch from Maureen and Michelle about how quickly I got it done. But, it was pretty straight forward and I was very excited about it. My mom is going to look at this and either shake her head or wish she hadn't missed our excursion today.


Jill M said...

Very cool table runner! I am glad that you ladies had a good time shopping!

Anonymous said...

You are soooo awesome! I had such a great time today and I love the oak leaf idea on the runner. How cool is that!?!?!?!?! I am shocked and amazed by the amount of quilting you get done but I am not surprised that you are already done with the question is do you ever sleep. LOL.


Anonymous said...


I tried to leave a comment just a moment ago but it didn't work...if it eventually shows get two posts for the price of one.

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had yesterday and I really enjoyed meeting Michelle and Louie. You are just amazing. I am not surprised that you finished the table runner but I am shocked and amazed by the amount of quilting projects you complete and how quickly. I'm just you get any sleep? LOL.


Anonymous said...

I SO enjoyed today, Jen. Thank you for being the perfect hostess. I hate my picture, but I always do. I love the pictures of everyone else, and Julie was so AWESOME! I was just as shocked at Julie was when Louie came up with the idea for the autograph. I haven't had time to fondle my fabric, as we got home late, up early, and we're off to Prairie du Chien to visit some friends who are riding down from Minneapolis. I will definately NEED to stay home tomorrow, or I will be DEAD when I go back to work on Tuesday. It was nice meeting Maureen. It is so nice to put a 'real' face and surroundings with people you meet. The ride up and back was wonderful. You can't waste nice days like this when you own a motorcycle, as there just aren't enough of them. I am anxious to sew again, but it won't be today.
Love ya, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am sooooo jealous! Sounds like you all had a great time. I love your table runner. Fall colors are my favorite. I love that new quilt at the shop, very beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Wow now I am even more jealous because not only did I miss the shopping trip but I also missed the table runner that you made. I can't wait to see it,