Sunday, September 16, 2007

I feel so violated

Two hours ago, Holly and I left for my Mom's house. Purse, ruler bag, backpack, leash in hand. I got to my mom's and was their long enough to eat my cold left-overs from her fridge, put some info that I had printed out for myself from the Grace website into page protectors and realized I had a headache that wasn't going to go away on it's own. I started looking for my purse which I couldn't find. I came home to look; wasn't even gone a full hour. Found it on my doorknob. There wasn't much in my purse because I just had the necessities for our Quilt Show yesterday. I had my digital camera, cell phone, 3 Zomig's in their blister packs (Migraine Meds) and wallet which contained what to me was a large amount of cash that I had accumulated from the last 2 years of Christmases and Birthday's saving for a "rainy day," 1 debit card, one credit card, Health Insurance Cards and a AAA card. Needless to say, everything was there except for my cash.

I called the non-emergency line to ask if you even write up a report for something like cash and they said to come on in. Mike met me there and the report is now written up. I came home and there's one of the "Cult members" (I know I've failed to mention that THEY'VE NEVER LEFT AS PROMISED), sitting on the porch. I ask him if he saw anything. He says, "Oh, that's your purse?" I said yeah, "Can I have my cash back?" He says, "I didn't take your cash, I just went through it to see where it belonged." Sigh, whatever, I came in the house because my head STILL HURTS. Mike is currently waiting for the people to get back to our Apartment Complex Office to mention this incident to them. I'm waiting around for him to get back because I'm curious what they have to say.

Granted, I'm glad my phone, credit cards and camera are here. That would have been a pain. But man, when I think about the fact that I didn't have the guts to spend that money all these years; hung onto it for just in case Mike and I needed it for something or an emergency. The one time I take it somewhere with the possiblity of using it and don't spend it; the day after it's stolen.

I just know it had to be one of the "Cult Members." The rest of our neighbors (which are very few because of the Cult) aren't like that. They're nice people.


teresa said...

Gosh Jen I'm so sorry that happened to you! That's really awful,but on the positive side that's all the jerk took, it would be a really bad situation if the A@#$& took your license and credit cards etc. I wish you a better day tomorrow. teresa,

Michelle said...

Oh, Jen, that is SO unfair, but Teresa is right....if they had taken any of the rest of the stuff, it could be a bad deal. Myself, though, I would still IMMEDIATELY, cancel your debit card, and your credit card, because even though they don't have the cards, they sure could have copied the information down. You can request new numbers for all your cards. In this day and age, I would NOT take any chances. Not long ago, we had to get a new debit card number because, somehow, someone DID have my debit card number, and I noticed a charge that I did not make on my bank statement, and Ebay notified us of 3 new accounts set up using our credit card number. Thank God for Ebay notices, or it could have been much worse. When Louie called about the charge on my debit card, it was to a newspaper called the Chicago Reader, and someone had placed an ad to sell a car which was overseas, and the name they left was MINE! You can never be too careful. We were very fortunate that we stopped everything before it got out of hand. I really think you need to cancel your cards too, and make sure that you call the credit card company right away and warn them of any unauthorized charges, especially via telephone or internet.

Now I suppose you REALLY have a headache. I'm sorry, but you can't be too careful anymore.
I love ya!

Kristie said...

Wow! That is terrible! What did you do, drop your purse or something? I'm sure you are a wreck right now. People can be so untrusting now days. The bad part is, by it being cash it will be hard to trace and you will probably never get it back. Such a shame. I sure hope you feel better.

Maureen said...


I am sooo sorry to hear about your purse....finding out that you lost it and having a headache and all the mess that goes along with reporting the loss to the police...I am sure that is causing you a worse headache. I agree with Michelle that you should call your credit card company, etc. because Mark was a victim of identity theft before we got married. He used to just pay his credit card bill and not review it. I did one day and found out that someone had charged over $3000 of fraduglent charges with his card over a period of several months. We knew he could not have made one of the charges because we were on our honeymoon and he did not have access to the internet at Sandals in St. Lucia.

Hope this evening gets better and that tomorrow is a wonderful day.


butrfly2200 said...

Oh, Jen, so sorry to hear about your purse. That's a real bummer.
It was fortunate that the ID stuff was still in your purse but I agree with the others, let the credit companies know and cancel your cards for new ones. You can never be too careful that way.
Hope things turn out better than they have so far.
Hope your headache is gone.
:) Carol

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I keep money in a drawer in my bedroom for "just in case" and it was stolen once. I never figured out who had done it because it was either a friend or family. I guess I just didn't want to go there. I hope the complex makes those people get out!

I would call the police too and tell them that the man went through your purse and would they talk to him? He may not be so brave to lie to the cops.

Again, I'm sorry.

Nancy said...

Jen, I'm so sorry to hear about the theft. Even though they left you with most of your stuff, I'd still report it to your credit card company, etc. because they could have written down everything. I'd also tell the police about what the cult guy said - maybe they will question him. Hope tomorrow is a better day.