Saturday, September 15, 2007

Madison Quilt Expo

My Mom and I were on the road by 7:50 to pick up Maureen. We picked her up with snacks in her hands and hit the road to Madison. Our car ride was great; always lots of great entertainment with the three of us. We could probably tell goofy experience stories until the cows came home and never repeat a single one.

As we got closer to Madison it was very apparent that we were in the same traffic as those headed up to the Badger Game! I asked my co-pilot for which direction we were supposed to go through the interchange and she got that ok; but there were directions that were 2/10ths of a mile later that I didn't get until we were about 3 miles down the road. So ok, now we were in front of a Kraft Hot Dog plant by the time we could turn around. Talk about FUNNY. It was fine we just turned around and the directions got passed from my co-pilot to our backseat driver. Backseat driver isn't a good name; but co-co-pilot sounds really, really stupid. Anyway, we made it!

Talk about a ton of vendors!! Maureen says this isn't even a taste of what's at Rosemont every year. Yikes; maybe that's one I should skip for now. Maureen and I were each ready to make a purchase at the very first booth but we decided to hold off because of the weight of our purchases. Still it wasn't too many booths down where we all made our first buy of the morning. I had quite a few good finds.

These will be shared with my Mom and will go into our Egg Money Quilt

This is for Mike since he sells Fire Hydrants. I'm not sure what I'll make for him; maybe it will be in a pillow case or something.
This Oriental Teal will go with my other Oriental Teals in a TBD project.

ABC Panel will be fantastic with some bright borders for a baby quilt.
This fabric will become a Bucket Tote from the Lazy Girl Bold Bags book. I had purchased some fabrics for this bag earlier in the year but decided to make two wonder wallets and two runaround bags out of it. I've been kicking myself ever since because I really wanted to make the bucket tote with this fabric.
The Blue Pansy fabric I already had. I bought the other ones to go with it. I think I need a few more purples and limes to go with it. I'm going to put the pansy fabric in the center of the quilt and then squares of the others framing it for a nice simple quilt. I just don't want to cut the pansy up because it's sooo pretty. If anyone else has a better idea; send it my way.
I LOOOOOVVVVEEE snowflake fabrics. I'm not sure what I'll use this batik for; I might just continue to pet it for eternity.
This panel is all cute quotes and sayings about dogs. I'm going to use it with my Moda Dog Fabrics.
These batiks will either go in my Ocean Waves quilt or will be thrown in with something else somewhere down the line.

We got to attend an Eleanor Burns lecture on the Magic Vine Quilt. It was wonderful. She's just so darn funny. When I was a kid my mom used to watch her shows and I would make fun of her unmercifully. Whose laughing all these years later? Now I love quilting and I love Eleanor's Quilt in a Day patterns. Between my mom and I we must own every book of hers. I never gave the Magic Vine book a second glance until we were watching her lecture. Those quilts were beautiful. Just outstanding. So easy too. I ended up buying the pattern, ruler and pre-printed interfacing along with a charm pack of 82 squares that should be able to make all of the flowers. The only fabrics I'll need to add is for the leaves, vines and background. Mom and Maureen bought this kit as well. Hopefully we'll all work on it together little by little. After the lecture Eleanor Burns signed my Underground Rail Road book and I got to have my picture taken with her. She had an UGRR DVD for sale. It's about all of the stories about the quilt blocks. It turns out she got most of her information from the book "Hidden in Plain View" that I read not too long ago. The DVD doesn't show her making the quilt; which is fine because I've done mine but it's perfect for the UGRR junkie that I've become. We each picked up awesome Quilt in a Day back packs. I have a rolling backpack from QIAD that I LOVE that I use all the time. It's got the perfect pockets. These backpacks have tons of pockets as well and they were on clearance for $7.50 each. It's very similar to the backpack I use for my photography stuff so I think that's why I like it so much. Mine is red, Maureen's is Blue & Mom's is Yellow.

Something that we noticed that is extremely hot right now are hot fix crystals on quilts. I would have never thought to do it but the more I saw, the more I liked the look. It would have to be on something artsy. They're not supposed to come off in the wash but I don't know how crystals would feel if you raked them across your bare legs! They would also be cool as tiny embellishments on purses. We saw some on the Lazy Girl Chloe bag and they looked fantastic; just the right amount.

We finally arrived at Jennifer Patterson's, "Quilted in Clay" booth. I'd been dying to see her work in person. I really wanted a UGRR pin a while back but they were sold out. She says another set is in the works so I'll keep checking back. In the mean time though; I've become a Quilted in Clay junkie! It's just amazing when you realize how large of pieces she starts out with and then it gets stretched and stretched and stretched until the images are tiny. Then they're sliced off and made into jewelry. I bought a 30's sampler pin, a Mobius charm that I will add to my cell phone and two little buttons that I will sew onto new name tags for my mom and I.
Pictured above is Jennifer Patterson of Quilted in Clay showing her polyclay "canes" for a new design. I just can't describe to you how awesome her work is. I was so excited to have met her that I called my friend Diane who has recently taken Polyclay on as a new hobby. I'm so stupid; she was on vacation!! DUH!! It totally could have waited until Monday. Sorry Diane!!
As you read above; my mom bought a backpack while at the Quilt Expo. She also bought a Dick and Jane lunchbox that was put out by one of the fabric companies. She decided it would be PERFECT to take her lunch to work in. I love it, it's so cute!! However, between the lunch box, the backpack and the purse across her body with the little tennis shoes and capris, she looks like a tall kindergardner. She's soooo cute. So folks, she's taking a class at MATC this semester, this is the official "First Day of School" picture of my mother. =)
I picked up this fantastic new magnetic pin cushion by Clover. It has a cover that fits on top. For years I've been getting stuck by pins while taking my cushion places with me.
Maureen bought herself, my mom and I each one of these awesome signs. Nothing could say it any better!!
You know how my web page is titled, "The Insane Ramblings?" Well, that's what I'll be once I finish these itty bitty's!! The carpenters wheel wreath won't be too bad. The Fallen Leaves I'm going to make with my left over slivers from my bargello quilt. The diamond log, what can I say besides that I'm insane for even considering that one but it will be stunning when it's done.
Last picture, but not least...I picked up this awesome wooden inlaid Carpenter's Square key chain. I seem to be just hooked on this square latley!
I wore my new Croc's to the Quilt Show. Besides the fact that they have no air holes because they're meant to trudge through snow in, they were fabulously comfortable. My feet didn't get tired until the very end. Those shoes are truely wonderful.
We almost missed an entire section of vendors. One minute I'm looking at Dasiy fabric and the next minute I turn around and see Kelly, and then Marla from Bits & Pieces. I had no idea that they were going to be at the Quilt Show vending. Then again they didn't either until the week before. The Expo had a cancellation and offered the spot to them. It's always so exciting to see one of your home shops out at a big show. They really pulled out all the stops; their booth was wonderful!!!

On our way home we decided to go to the Machine Shed for dinner. Maureen's Husband Mark joined us. It was really nice to get to meet him. No Michelle, I didn't have the Smoked Turkey Ruben; I almost did though because I was thinking about you!

When we got home my mom and I pulled our our purchases for show and tell. Around 10:30 I decided it was time to bring my new Quilt frame in from the Garage. I've decided to name her Arlene after my Grandma. It's sort of funny trying to put a frame together without directions. Brad was going to be digging them out. Of course; once I had it most of the way together I found that you could download the instructions online...all 32 pages worth! Sigh. There are some hex head screws in the frame that aren't really condusive to taking it up and down between uses so since I sell knobs at work I'm going to see what will work and change them all over to the knobs that my company sells. I just need one with a head small enough but grippable so that both can be turned. I'm sure I'll find an alternative. I didn't realize how big it was until it was set up in my Mom's living room. Mike is going to flip his frigging lid when I bring this home. I'm almost scared to! I'm not quite sure where I'm going to go with it. I wasn't planning on getting one until someday when we had a house. I just couldn't pass up this deal though. Especially when Brad told us that the new models are going to be double the price and he really didn't see the changes that they made as being improvements.

On that note; I'll leave you with a slide show of quilts that we saw at the Expo. None of them were made by us. If you see us in a picture with a quilt it's just because we liked it and we were trying out pictures so that we'd have cool backgrounds so that we could add the pictures to our cell phones so that the picture would come up instead of the caller id.

Kristie, I hope you can figure out which quilt I took a picture of with you in mind. Bethany, I took one with you in mind too; can you figure it out?


Michelle said...

Thanks Jen! That was awesome! I know doing that post must have taken you forever, but all your blog friends, I'm sure, will love it! Loved seeing pictures of you and your mom....did I miss one of Maureen, or was she camera shy?

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OK so my post would be no where as neat. Someday I'll load in pictures of what I bought and call it done.