Sunday, September 9, 2007

Need Help with my Bargello Run

I'm cut and ready to sew...except I need my "experts" to let me know what they think of my color run. They are actually numbered 1-20.

I'm really excited to begin sewing so I can't wait to read your comments!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
As you know I am no where near an expert, but I think they look fine to me. But I tried to do mine and ended up needing Jaja to help and she changed a few colors around for me and I love how the color combination turned out. I love your colors that you choose. Richard has fallen in love with mine and now wants me to make one that looks like a sunset, with pretty much the same colors that you have picked.

I can't wait until you get started. At first I was so confused. Jaja was a ton of help, but I had no pattern and really didn't have a clue how these things went together. I even asked Richard why I would need to sew them into a tube. He asked me what I was trying to make and then "HE" explained it to me. Here I have made almost 150 quilts and my redneck husband figures this one out for me.

Michelle said...

Looks WONDERFUL to flows so are natural born quilter! Love, Michelle

Maureen said...

Jen: I really love the colors you question is if there is enough contrast with the browns. I took my glasses off and they blended together. I am not sure if that is the effect you want or not. Also is there another place to put the green, brown, orangie one (the one I think is your favorite) so that it stands out more? I'm not really sure because I don't really know enough about bargello.

Hope that helps some but again I love the colors and think they look good the way you have them.


Karen said...

I agree with Maureen. I think the browns need more contrast. They almost look like they blend together. Stratas are not easy to build. Using only batiks makes it that much harder. With prints you get more movement.

Nancy said...

Jen, I'm no expert either since I have not started mine, but I do have possible fabrics laid out the way I think I want them to go so I can look at them. I am waiting to buy a few more really light shades for my blues and teals. I think they will add to the contrast, which is what I think makes Bargellos so striking. Your colors are beautiful fall colors, but I think from what I can see in the picture the browns do seem to be similar - they may not look that way in person. I just took a picture of my current run, then printed it out on a full size piece of paper and cut the paper in various width strips to play with. I need to replace the black cartridge, so the colors aren't completely true, but I can get an idea of how they would look in a bargello type arrangement. You might try that.

jaja said...

Hi, Jen.

I like it and I definately like the focus one. Put it in the center and work out from there. you may want to put some very dark gold/light browns in? But, I love the first picture. Maybe because there is only fabric?