Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not feeling too Cre8tive Tonight

I never did get to post about Batik Club at Patched Works yesterday so I'll have to do that now! Our evening started out at Baker's Square where we always meet for dinner when going to the Patched Works for any kind of function. We go to the function and go back to Baker's Square for Pie afterwards. Maybe there should be a Patched Works and Pie punch card!! LOL. Julie...get on that! We'll bring you pie. =) Anyway, it was Maureen, Sherry, my Mom and I. Our fabrics this month were gold and burgundy batiks and we got an awesome wallhanging pattern that is more artsy than traditional that I can't wait to try. More amazing; my MOM can't wait to make it either and she's a traditional quilter, not interested in artsy stuff so I was VERY surprised. Yep, it's THAT cool. I'd post a picture of the batiks but to be honest; I'm feeling a little lazy this evening!

After work today I ran over to Bits & Pieces to cut batting and backing for Project Linus Quilts. My mom met me out there. I don't know what happened but out of all the quilts my Grandma, Mom and I made this month only 7 quilts made it out there with us. I know I have 2 of my Grandma's in the backseat of my car that I realized I didn't put the borders all the way on. Grandma started out with 11 so I'm not sure where they are. I know they are SOMEWHERE, and don't any of you try to tell me that they're in my trunk. I organized it today at lunch just to be sure. It turns out I'm down to only 4 bags of batting in there but I do have a bag of pillow cases that I keep forgetting to give to my Grandma to be ironed, a bag of pillow case fabric that is waiting to be sewn, a few blankets and towels for when Holly and Murphy are messy and sit in my back seat, the tripod for my 35mm "real" camera, a chair in a bag some Moda Chocolat fabric that will be made into pillow cases, curtains and pillow shams someday when I finally finish my Turning Twenty Again quilt and I think that could be it. It's all good stuff that I've got in there. I don't care who makes fun of me for it.

Anywho, I got some black fabric for the borders and binding for my 2nd Friday BOM quilt and two Christmas charm packs. I'm going to use one of them to design a small tree skirt for us. We have a small tree, it's pretty narrow and about 4 feet tall. I'm making yo-yo garland to go on it. Anyway it gets pushed against the wall so there's really no room for a tree skirt to be unfurrled around it. So I'm thinking I could have it be three sided with just a narrow drop in the back. We'll see how that turns out.

Watched the Brewers lose. Mike wanted to go at the last minute today but we decided against it. Good thing I guess. I'm going Friday and Sunday. Mike is going Tomorrow, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I started working on some Bloodchained coasters for Diane. I traced the logo onto heat and bond and ironed it onto red fabric. Keep in mind the logo has to fit on one of the corners of the coaster. There needs to be a little hole in the top of the logo. That's not working so well. I've been trying to do a decorative little stitch to blacken it and I keep ripping the top off. I tried using black marker for a dot but it bleeds and then blends in with the red. I'm not sure what to do at this moment. I could put a black piece of fabric over it, but what are the odds of me being able to cut a circle out that is only about 3mm across?? A black hot fix crystal? Any other ideas?

I've also been giving my bargello a lot of thought. While I love the idea of an all over leaf pattern I don't know if I'm ready to hand a quilt over to someone else to quilt. Following the swoop is totally something I could do on my own. Perhaps I could do a leaf border with lots of practice. Or, maybe applique a few leaves into the border. Now that could be slick. It's a long ways off from that point anyway! It's nice to know I've got options.

I'm just not feeling creative this evening. Maybe I'll go work on tracing a Halloween Wall Hanging onto Heat and Bond. That doesn't take much thought and it's going to take me quite a while to cut this sucker out.

So, I wonder...Is my mom ever going to post a blog post again? Can the Brewers make it to the Post Season? Can the Cubs get thrown off by the curse of the Goat? Will the Packers win again this Sunday? I don't know, I really only care about questions 1 & 2.

You know, I've been thinking about these MeMe awards. I feel bad for not nominating Debi. I just assumed that you couldn't nominate someone who already had one. Nooo, my 6 people just nominated all the same people I did. =) I think next time, someone else picks your adjectives for your name. I had a hard time doing my own, but I could come up with lots of cool ones for everyone elses names.


Maureen said...

We all have slump nights. I went to bed early and then I wanted a drink of water so I head downstairs for a quick drink. I decide to fire up the lap top just to check e-mail and whaala..there is a post by Jen! Yeah. I just took some stuff that migrated to the living room back up to the quilt room. I really need to get the furniture for that room! I need a fabric cabinet and bookcase and a sewing table. Ohh this is off your topic..Sorry!

Anyways I hope you have fun cutting out your Halloween it the one you got in the mail?


Maureen said...

I just posted on your mom's she ever going to post again?????


Moneik said...

I've had a couple slump nights lately. I just can't seem to get motivated to work on my own quilt. I suppose it is because it needs borders and they take so much work. I have class tonight, maybe that will help!

Michelle said...

You girls all make me jealous. When I get home from work, I am just spent, and have no energy. If I sew, it has to be the weekend.
=-( (sad face, sighs) But this weekend will be fantastic, because Jen and Cindy are coming!!!! Yippee!!!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I was just thinking on my way home tonight that I haven't posted in forever so I'll do it tonight. I must be in a post slump.

Kristie said...

You are having a slump NIGHT??? I have been having a slump MONTH!!! What is it with us????