Sunday, September 2, 2007

Really Sunny Sunday

Mike and I went with my friend Suzanne and her sister Judy to the Brewers Game today. It was hot. Not really sweltering hot but we were in direct sun for the first 7 innings. I put sunblock on but forgot to put it on my neck. Sigh. It was the kind of heat and sun where you sit there and can feel the beads of sweat dripping down your back. The kind where everyone gets up and is soaked. We drank lots of water and had a frozen lemonade but I think I had a touch of heat stroke by the end. I just felt BLAH the rest of the night. After a nap or two and a lot more fluids I finally had the energy to take a shower and this is what I saw....

...let's face it. Some days I'm just not so smart! The Brewers did win and it was an exciting game to watch. Unfortunatley the Cubs also won. =(

While at the game my hands started to swell really bad because of the heat and I'm assuming water retention. I drank a ton yet didn't have to go to the bathroom until about 7pm last night. It was awful, my wedding band was stuck. My finger started turning purple and I started to freak out and try to yank really hard which only made things worse. I tried putting chapstick on it to make it a little more plyable. I didn't realize it but I think the lady behind me was also starting to freak out about my finger. Next thing I knew Mike was asking the beer guy for a few chips of ice that were in his bucket. Then I sat for a while with my hand in the cup of ice and then the swelling came down just enough to get my ring off. I also have a little heat blister where my ring was. I guess I'll be going ringless for a while.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is quite the burn. Reminds me of that time also at the Brewers game when I got that same type of a burn and you all laughed at me. I'm glad the ring came off. No wonder you didn't come to sew last night.

Kristie said...

.XOYou poor thing, sunburns are always so miserable. I hope you get to feeling better, next time try to remember to take better care of yourself.

Jill said...

You poor thing! I had a friend who swelled up so bad during her pregnancy and didn't want to take her ring off, but we finally made her go. There was 1/8 divot in her finger where the ring was. That scares me a bit!

The sun screen thing is totally something that I would do. One year in Florida, my mom and I went walking on the beach one morning. I put sunscreen all over and forgot my legs because they never burned. Well, they burned and I couldn't sit right for days. It was awful!

cowgirl4ever said...

I was working a concession stand at the Padres game on Sunday.. Boy was that a pain we ran out of water.. yeah ran out.. when I left I was like you and just felt Blah... I hope your feeling better