Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Fun

Today my Mom and I ran some errands. We started off with Lunch at Quizno's. Then, since we were so close to a quilt store, we HAD to go there.

Homespun Creations looks like they're back to having normal business hours, for spring they were down to a few days a week and very limited hours. They've also remodeled the store. Homespun Creations actually shares space with her sisters carpet store, and the store is in an industrial park. Previously the Carpet Store was in the front and Quilt store in the back and they've now flip flopped. The quilt store looks great in the front, now you'd never know there was carpeting in the back. Unless you know where the store is, you'd never find it. But, it's a great hidden treasure because they carry things that the rest of our local quilt stores don't. Of course, I *had* to make a few purchases because it's only the polite thing to do! I bought a few pieces of "fun" fabric to make into pillow cases for my husband and I bought some really pretty lilac fabrics. Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but they sure are pretty. They're almost "frosty" looking. The collection is called, "Time won't wait" by Kathleen Francour for Henry Glass & Co.

After a non-eventful trip to Kohl's, Mom and I then began our hunt for the Watermelon nail polish color that we had gotten when we had our manicures and pedicures last week. It turns out that it's from last years Flip Flop Fabulous collection. We went to Ulta and ended up with Essie's Wife Goes On as the closest match we could find. Of course, this led to nail painting and then a nice nap on the couch while they dried. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of one hand while holding the other in mid-air?

We then began our purses. Mom started a Lazy Girl "Towne Purse" and I started a Lazy Girl "Gracie Bag." I'll post pictures once they're finished. I threatened not to let my mom go to bed until her purse was finished but I gave in and left her house at about 1:30 a.m. In the mean time, we decided she needed a Quilt Blog too, so she's Sew And Snip.

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Well, it sure sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love the new fabrics. I buy a few novelty fabrics for the boys pillowcases, mostly superheros for Hunter and Hunting themes for Andrew. I love the lilacs. They remind me of some fabric on a tote bag that I saw this morning on They have a free pattern there for it. They look so springy. Oh by-the-way, I love the nails...

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It's nice that your mom is blogging , that's cool.

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