Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Sewing Social

Today was the Saturday Sewing Social that we planned for my Grandma's apartment complex. It was...interesting. For the most part it ended up being my Grandma, Mom, Aunt Kitty, Maureen and I. My cousin Keri stopped by to chat with all of us and only 3 other ladies from the complex came. One crocheted for about 20 minutes and left. One came just to check things out. Her husband just had a tumor removed from his brain so they've been running for therapy and doctors and such so she just wanted to see what it was all about and maybe join in the crafting in the future. The third came just to socialize which was great because she had the same complaint about the complex that my Grandma does - that the women are very clicky and don't let new comers into their activities. Hopefully my Grandma and her will start to socialize on a more regular basis.

Midway through our social a group of women came in to play cards. Talk about bitchy women!! First they complained that we had the room too cold. Then they complained that it was too hot. They complained that our sewing machines were too loud, that we had re-arranged the room (shifted ONE table to share an extension cord). There were more things but luckily I didn't hear them all; Maureen did. Then in comes Vera the apartment Manager. Now to remind you all, she's the one with the little black dog that bit my Aunt Eileen a few weeks back. Again, the dog was alone outside. She goes out and gets her dog and then she's kind of complaining that we got there early. Now, there's no one else using the room, it's a COMMUNITY ROOM. It's not like the complex where we live where you pay to rent the "Party Room." It's a community room for everyone to use. Our sewing was supposed to go from Noon until 4. We got their early so we could be set up and then ready to go if someone needed help bringing their things down. That never happened so we just started to sew. At 5 minutes to 4, Vera comes in and informs us that it is almost 4 so we have to pack up and be done. Literally kicking us out!! It's not like the room will be used the rest of the evening. So, we packed up and headed down to my Grandma's apartment where she cut us up chunks of Chocolate Potatoe Torte for us each to take home.

During our sewing I got all 11 of the bindings sewn together. I left them for my Grandma to iron in half. Now that I know she can see well enough to iron them, that will become her job and it's not as daunting of a task. I put the borders on 3-1/2 quilts. I sewed the corner stones for my 2nd Friday BOM quilt. I also basted my Aunt Kitty's Baby Quilt.

Aunt Kitty is really doing well with the baby quilt. She put the borders on, we basted it and now she's stitching in the ditch. By our next sewing get together the quilt will be done!


Michelle said...

You mean you're going back? Well, I'm glad you go lots of stuff done.
If gma enjoyed it, that's all that counts, and if she got one friend out of it, that's even greater! Bless your hearts, Jen and Cindy for doing this. You have really given gma a gift by getting her back into sewing and giving her a purpose.

Anonymous said...

I hope your grandmother enjoyed herself. Sounds like you got alot done.

Maureen said...

Today was quite interesting to say the least...lucky me I got to hear all the comments from the card ladies... there was one woman who looked like she was sucking on a lemon or sour grape or something. The ladies who popped in (non-card playing) were quite nice.

All in all I hope your Grandma had a good time and gets at least one friend out of this.