Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Web Mast Head

Wooo Hooo! I figured out how to create my own mast head by using a picture of one of my quilts, dulling it down a bit and typing over it. I LOVE it! Now I can't wait until my mom gets home from her Red Hatter event so we can design hers. =)

Here is a picture of the quilt that I made the mast head out of:

I'll make an attempt at explaining what I did...I kind of fumble around until I figure things out so I don't know the "technical terms." First I rotated the picture, then I played with the contrast and brightness until I thought it was "dull" enough. Then I had to check out how large the mast heads are on our quilt blogs and it's 750 x 100 pixels so I changed it to that size. I found a font that I liked, sized my text accordingly and put it as a layer ontop of my image and saved it as a .jpg file. I uploaded the picture. I then went into "Edit Template" and searched until I found the place within the HTML code that has the mast head. It's actually a link. Mine read something like http://myquiltblog/pinkstripmasthead.html or something of that nature so I replaced my link with that link. I expected this to be right near the top in the HTML code but it turns out it was about 2-3 inches down the page. I previewed it and it actually worked so I hit save before it could change it's mind.

If any of my fellow quilt bloggers want a personalized mast head and don't know how to do it, shoot me an email and I can make one up for you. Now that I know what I'm doing it will probably only take about 5 minutes. You'll need a picture, the text that you want written and flip through your font list to see what looks good to you.

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Posted by CountryQuilter (
Okay Genius, how did you do that? :) I never even thought of trying that. I like that, it makes it a little more personal. You will have to let all in on the secret...

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