Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Sew-A-Palooza

This morning when I got up I threw the Superman Quilt and Pillow Case into the wash. Remember how I mentioned that the fabric felt crunchy? It had a lot of dye that just felt like it was sitting on the surface. After the first washing and drying I was scared. It felt AWFUL. Just awful. I washed it again…a little more soap this time. Still awful. I began to panic. My mom was headed to the grocery store and said she'd pick up some liquid fabric softener so we could give that a try. Thankfully after we added enough of that to the load it got better. It's not great but I'm sure it will get washed often enough that it will become un-crunchy over time.

I worked all day long on my Turning Twenty Again quilt. Mine is 35 blocks. The blocks have been together for a few months but they never got assembled until now. I realized the other day at the quilt store that there is not much Moda Chocolat fabric to be found anymore. I needed to get it assembled and quick so that I could decide on my borders and binding. For a bed quilt, I never quite know how big my borders need to be until I throw it on the bed. I'll check that out tomorrow and hopefully I'll get a picture of it tomorrow too. It's too big to just have one person holding it. I think I need 3 people. Two to hold and one to shoot the picture.

My husband made us some awesome steaks for dinner. They were bacon wrapped fillets. YUM!!

Mom and I left shortly after dinner to go back to her house to sew. She worked on her Chelsea bag and I sewed some strip sets together for Project Linus. I usually start out by sewing the strip sets together for all the packets that I have. Then I iron them all and cut them all at once. At least they're started now.

Finally at 9pm it was time to hit the road and go see the newest Pirate's of the Caribbean movie. It was awesome!! Mom and I also managed to watch the first two movies today while we were sewing in preparation.

Well, its 2am now…I really should head to bed. We're not sure if the Cult will be chanting tomorrow morning or if they will have the day off. If they do chant, Holly and I will leave the house and Mike is going to blast them out with a little Easy-E Rap. If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will. More and more neighbors are asking us what is going on with the chanting. I'm glad it's just not us with our wicked senses of humor and that other people think the same thing!! Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another big day of sewing!

Monday, May 28, 2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by CountryQuilter
Can't wait to see your Turning Twenty Again quilt. Not sure what the pattern is but when you said something about using chocolate fabric, I knew it would have to be pretty. Browns are my favorite.

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